City Of Lost Angels Combat System Goes Open Source

May 10, 2007

by Onder Skall

This was originally published in the Herald.

Fight freely – community combat system combat system to be released in May

by Onder Skall, Gaming in SL desk


I’ve been billing the City of Lost Angels for awhile now as the “queen of SL RPGs”. It’s among the oldest, has the most unbelievably hardcore players, and has been tested as having the fastest and most lag-free RPG interface. The sim owner, Suzanna Soyinka, has been expanding the game by several sims. Tonight she dropped a major bombshell on me though: they’re making CoLA Combat System an open source project.

Got a dream for an RPG you want to run in SL? Now you won’t have to reinvent the wheel, and you won’t have to pay rent to have the privilege of using somebody else’s system.

Onder Skall: You are my goddamn hero today.
Suzanna Soyinka laughs
Suzanna Soyinka: Peoples games shouldn’t be about making a few people rich
Suzanna Soyinka: Not here
Suzanna Soyinka: Not in this world
Suzanna Soyinka: There are ways to support yourself here, through creativity and not selling other peoples concepts

Suzanna Soyinka: Oh also the sim of Primordealism has joined the CoLA/NoR RP chain, even moved their sim to due ease of the NoR Reliance sim.
Suzanna Soyinka: So we’re up to 7 continguous sims. With an 8th on the way
Onder Skall: available right now?
Suzanna Soyinka: Yes its there right now actually. Just not on the map, probably won’t be til tommorrow. Primordealism or Noumenon Roleplay as its called is a more dark fantasy based play area focused on faeries and elves and demons in a quasi modernistic steampunkish atmosphere.
Suzanna Soyinka: We’re working with the admin of that sim, Super Calamari to implement it as a parallel realm that supports our supernatural races and will be expending the CCS system to integrate them into the game more fully with more defined race and class choices for that style of character.

Press release follows:

The CoLA Combat System, created by Jora Welesa and Suzanna Soyinka, one of Second Life’s most advanced role play combat systems is going Open Source in May!

The CoLA Combat System is being updated and improved to allow the role play sims of Second Life to have a new tool at their disposal for the creation of their own game systems. No longer will you have to be tied to another sim and use another sims game style or pay money to designers that have nothing to do with your community!

With this change, we’re changing the name of the system to the Community Combat System, to reflect the open community nature of the system.

Current Community Combat System features include:

– Persistant Characters
– Full Experience system:
-Timed Experience Gain
-Experience for combat victories
-GM Awarded Experience
– Full backend support for creation of powers, races and abilities.
– The most sim friendly system design in Second Life, using two to three times less script IPS than other competitive systems.
-Full GM Admin support
-Full control of the database for your sim.
-Full control of the client scripts and resources, modify to your needs!
-Multiple stock animations and particle effects and sounds
-Functionality with any weapon system in SL
-User friendly database interface for easy use by anyone
-You don’t have to touch a line of the code to make changes or additions
-Fully integrated 3rd Party API
-Support for active in world objects such as quest objects and interactive objects.

All these features and what does it cost you, the sim designer? Absolutely nothing. What does it cost your community? Again, absolutely nothing. We will have the database package availible for sim administrators who feel confident enough in their ability to host their own databases. For those that do not have the hosting capability or the skills necessary to install a database, the CCS Development Team will host your database for you on our servers for a minimal maintenance fee.

Current CCS Systems in use will not be affected by this change, the CoLA game system will remain the CoLA game system and no uses of the code availible can be used to affect it or the CoLA database.

Create your own game and be beholden to no one. Create your own game using our advanced and extremely successful system, once you’ve done it, you can even charge for it if you wish….its your game, so why should someone else make money off it?

The Community Combat System, a large part of the success of the most successful Dark Role Play sim in Second Life, can be yours, for free! Take back control of YOUR game.


  1. Well, it’s May now, and some of us are interested in seeing the scripts so that we can produce compatible products….

  2. omg!

    thats a great news!

    *cheek* 🙂

  3. nice

  4. where will we be able to find the source?

  5. I tried to get on the site, to create my character for cola, but it dont work.
    The + buttons dont go up or down and im supposed to have 10 to add.
    Plus i can not pick a class.
    Joey Meiji is my sl name, im me please if you can help, thank you.

  6. My I In The CCS And M im 15 And I Goth Kick Off Of CCS Play Y Is It 18 Or Oder ?? I Did Not Do Inthing Bad So The The Girl How Kick Me Off She Whes Flying In A No Flying Spot And i Git Kick Not Not He So Contak Me At xexonerator@yahoo.com Thank you For You Time

  7. this is good news. just curious, is it already available or do you mean of ’09? And yeah, where can we find it? xD

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