Second Life Townhall Meeting 05/03/2007 – Cliff Notes

May 10, 2007

by Onder Skall

For those of you reading this long after the fact, this is the Town Hall meeting where the Lindens respond to our demands to make the grid stop crashing. It was long and didn’t say much. See the official transcript provided by the Lindens.

This is a summary that I wrote, originally published in the Second Life Herald, to keep you from having to sort through the mess. Also see the complete uncensored transcript.

If you the short version of the town hall, see below. If you want in-depth descriptions or everything nice and polite, see the transcript.

– Firefox integration? – Who knows when that’ll happen.
– What kind of superhero would Cory be? – Every kind.
– Voice chat? – It’s super great!
– Backing up inventory, restoring inventory? – No, we’re just going to make it so it doesn’t crash anymore.
– Can you fix Search? – We’re reworking it to make it spam-resistant. (No mention about stability, uptime guarantees, etc…)

– What do I do if I lose inventory? – We’re trying to keep it from happening, but if it does, we won’t help you. That’s in the Terms Of Service.

– How important is stability and performance to LL? – Oh, very. 69% of our staff is working on it. We’re putting even more effort into it now… after this meeting. Also, I’d like to drop a cryptic hint now about scalable architecture.

– What’s with the bugs in new releases? – You can only find them when you have lots of people using the system.
– Can we get rid of “traffic”? – Yes, consider it gone.
– Tell us about the Quality controls for new releases – You use the beta and you tell us if there’s a problem. Plus other stuff we’re coming up with just now.

– Out Of Date Map – yeah we know all about that…
– Can patches be tested on the beta grid first? – No.
– Are the high number of sims a drag on performance? – No.
– Tell us about traffic and search again. – Ok.
– Can you add more sound features? – We’re tracking too many bugs in the sound systems already. Here comes voice.
– Are you fixing the bugs surrounding buying land? – Those are probably related to other kinds of problems that we’re looking at. I hereby drop a cryptic hint about “more scalable architecture” for a second time.

– How are MySQL instances managed? – Residents are assigned to individual MySQL databases. Third mention of scalable architecture “coming soon”.

– So are you trying to improve how you’re testing things before they’re released? – Just the beta grid. If you don’t log onto it, consider it untested. We’re happy with that method.

– Where’s live help? – We blogged about that.
– What can my customers do if they lose inventory? – Go to the jira.
– Why are all notecard-related interactions buggy and laggy? – Go to the jira.
– How do Lindens feel about the Open Letter Project? – I don’t know about anybody else but I thought it was well written.

– Has LL thought about using a better, more scalable database? – No, the hint was “scalable architecture”, not “scalable databases”.

– Can you make exporters for things other than Maya? – Nice idea… we should maybe do that…
– Can you put the servers in Europe so that European residents can get better service? – Can’t right now, maybe in the future. Let me say the word “architectural” for good measure.

– Why do laptops have graphic problems? – That happens with all 3D apps, not just SL.
– Are you going to focus on fixing things before rolling out new features? – 69%. Hiring more.
– Will there ever be an IDE? – no answer.
– Group owners limit chat abilities of members? – Voice chat is on the way.
– Time limit on free accounts? – No. All sorts of reasons.
– Time estimate on when Groups will be fixed? – We’re working on it.
– Real time sim status map? – Something like that coming.
– Large groups able to send notices? – no answer.
– Are sending petitions the only way to get LL to answer? – jira.
– Why are 90% of open bug reports unassigned? – We just forget to update the jira when we’re working on something.
– Can we introduce a way to verify that inventory loss occurred? – Wow, good idea! Ok!
– Do crash dumps get analysed? – Use the jira.
– You should hold events on the beta grid. – We have, we will, good idea.
– Will there be better debug tools to fix my island soon? – Eventually.
– When can we expect big improvements in SL’s performance? – It’ll happen gradually. Voice is gonna rule. Also, “next gen architecture”.

– Friends list and online status? – It’s on the jira.
– Make sim crossings seamless? – Not any time soon.
– Teleport breakdowns? – Working on it.
– How are you going to pull off a higher concurrency? – Most of the development is on those issues. Plus next gen architecture.

– What can we do to help? – Patience… and build stuff. If you’re a programmer, come work for us. Contribute to the wiki. Help newbs.


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