Caleb and Onder

*** updated June 21st 2007 because apparently the last time I updated this page I was drunk out of my mind. Sorry about that.

I’m Caleb Booker, but around Second Life they call me Onder Skall. I write about virtual worlds.

The Second Life Games blog started out being strictly about games in the virtual world of Second Life. It’s grown a bit. We get art shows, dip a bit into Web 2.0 stuff, and even take a look at Alternate Reality Games. Basically, if it’s an unusual way to play, I feature it here. Oh, and we love indy game creators.

For my part, I’ve been spending most of my time writing. I’ve prided myself on bringing the latest business and technology news on virtual worlds to Metaversed for some time, but I also have a games column with New World Notes, and I write freelance for the Second Life Herald whenever I come across something dramatic. Of course, I also maintain a personal blog over at CalebBooker.com.

Anyhow, all of this writing gets to be an obsessive-compulsive thing for me. This is why I need the reminder to play. Fun is everything. Some might say that fun is the only thing. Enjoy the hell out of this life boys and girls, I sure intend to!

Got a tip on a game? Drop me a line!



  1. Great blog, keep writing, and send me links to your stuff!

  2. Good stuff!
    Two views one world 😉

  3. the new frontier. So the next argument is, logically, that all of these people wanting to know “how to play SL” just don’t “get it”.

    I beg to differ. I think they’re trying to tell us something.

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