Image Metrics Tech Demo

August 20, 2008

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian

This should shake things up.



  1. The thing that’s been lost with the passing on of this video/internet-chinese-whispers is the fact that the *only* computer-generated part of the image is the face. They captured the expressions from the video source, rendered the expressions on a cgi face, and then merged that rendered face back on top of the original footage. If you watch the HD versions of this video, you can just about make out the join 😉

    Nice tech demo… but the reason she looks so much like a real girl is simply because 90% of the image *is* a real girl. _Nobody_ is rendering hair and clothing that realistically yet 😉

  2. Yes, everyone knows that, but it’s amazing just the same.

  3. thats cool!

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  5. Ever played first life the graphics are awseome!

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  7. It’s quite good. That Emily character looks almost real. To the untrained eye there is no difference, so I guess it passes the test. I actually thought that the dress was animated too and I don’t see a problem with animating hair at all.

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