Ways to contact me:

  • Swing by the Games Park (click for Slurl) in-world where I host an ever-rotating series of games. I usually hang out there.
  • IM me – Onder Skall

Of course, if none of that works you can haunt the blog’s comments. I even allow anonymous comments here so go nuts!



  1. We have an upcoming arts event in February that is looking for interactive games to feature….arts in all media are welcome and interactive/participatory art is encouraged.


    Please encourage all game developers, designers and artists to share their work! We have room for hundreds of installations and we would like to create the largest weaving of art, media and design ever created within Second Life.

    Come join us!


  2. i think i need to get my camera..don’t you!!!???
    if you might think those things can run away from me, then your wrong! i will catch them! right in my bare hands! i’m not busy tonigt sexy! wanna hook up my space?!

  3. Hi there….

    Been a little while but better late than never. Where about are you on your interest level in NCI now?

  4. Hi,
    the cashcrash team released a new game.
    it’s caled BID-LOW ,the meaning of the game is to have the lowest and unique bid at the time the auction ends.
    we have CASH-auction and OBJECT-auction
    more info and running auctions on our website.

    maybe something for on this cool site ? thanks

  5. Hi Onder

    Just to say that a I have released two chess computers in SL.

    There is an HUD version for campers/travellers, and a large tiled version for homes/businesses.

    Free trial versions are available at Askja chess hall, in the Askja region or at my Kane workshop.

    Everyone is welcome to visit and play on the chess computers or else just hang out and wait for a live chess player.

  6. Himy name is bruno,i dont speak english, i go speak portuguese ok

    oi o meu nome é bruno e gostaria de instalar o DCS na minha ilha,sou da swat policia brasil.
    por favor entre em contato assim que puder .

  7. Hi Onder,
    I can not believe you have not seen the in-world games by the group Beyond Imagination. We have had a lot of success with the past Zodiac Killer game and the current WITHIN game. You collect objects, clues and such and then visit LMs to collect parts to a greater mystery from rooms. There is a bit of a dark twist to it, so if you dont like blood or to see your avi get in dangerous situations..then I suggest to to be warned.
    Also, there are mini games run each month and missions.
    Please come see the games and decide for yourself. I would be happy to show you around..


  8. Hi there!

    To all classic gamers in SL, come to the rOOst to play the original Pong!

    More info at http://classicgaming.free.fr

    Feel free to join the retrogaming group too! 🙂

  9. The GAR wants DCS set up, how do I reset the system so we can reconfigure the setup so we can use that?

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