RIFT – the Gates to Telara Open on March 01, 2011

January 14, 2011

Might not be related to Second Life, but with so much hype around the game, it only made sense to share it here. Rift is a MMORPG by Trion Worlds.

The game is based on the concept of sealing rifts that appear all over the world of Telara. Sealing the Rifts is a quest in itself given the multiple stages gamers have to go through in order to completely close the rifts. Unlike Second Life, the game offers 4 classes with abilities to set them up with. Incase you’re interested in learning more about the game, details could be found at Rift Guide.


Second Life Guide

April 4, 2010

I recently came across an ad for a Second Life guide that offered to provide some decent advice on making some additional Linden Dollars. While I am usually not too big on the whole business aspects of Second Life, the idea of having a cash-making guide seemed enticing.

Given that the promised pay-off was quite significant (I chatted with the author over msn), I decided to give it a shot.

While the ad for the guide seemed a little outdated, I was pleasantly surprised to find some up to date advice in the guide. There’s a broad range of covered topics, aiming at providing Second Lifers of all orientations with opportunities. I figured that I might get bored with too many “business” aspects in the guide, but as it turns out it was actually written quite down to earth, focusing on the average person looking to get some extra income.

I am still busy working my way through the guide, but what I found so far seems to make the purchase worthwhile already. I can safely state that the guide book already saved me quite a few hours and I’m only half-way through. If you want to give it a shot, this is the guide.


Combat Cards at Kat’s Spaceport

February 7, 2009

Postcard from Second Life.

Originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion

Kat Burger hosted a fun event at 6pm today – and will be repeating it on Saturdays in the future. Offering cash prizes, the first tournament for new and seasoned players drew a small crowd, but is off to a very good start. Kat has Combat Cards arenas and her own excellent tournament boards set up at Spaceport, as well as many other games, and she offers gamers many hours of fun and good company.


ZOMG! Real Life Combat Cards!

January 14, 2009

ZOMG! Real Life cards!

US shop – Sporkadelic shop-o-mania with Os.
UK shop – Be waited on hand and foot by Doc.

And – real-life cards can be acquired inside Second Life, too.

For 3500l you get both a real life set AND a set of virtual cards: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Europa/101/138/56

Press Release

Of interest to editors and journalists covering: games, technology,
business and culture

Virtual Strategy Card Game Moves From Second Life To Real Life

This week Second Life residents Doc Boffin and Osprey Therian released
a real life edition of their original strategy card game Combat Cards,
a game that previously existed only in the virtual world of Second
Life. In doing so, Combat Cards became the first original game build
in Second Life to become a real life physical game.

Real life card games based on virtual worlds like World Of Warcraft
and Eve Online have existed before, however these games have been
created or licensed by the companies who create and operate the
virtual worlds. Because the virtual items in Second Life are owned by
the the people who create them, Boffin and Therian were able to build
a card game within Second Life featuring avatars and locations in
Second Life and then release that game in the real world: the
community created virtual world now has a novel community created
strategy card game.

Combat Cards has been in development since early 2006 when Boffin and
Therian met in Second Life. Not only did the virtual world provide a
fertile environment for the pair to rapidly prototype, test, iterate
and develop the game with help from a community of enthusiastic fellow
residents, the profits from the sales of the virtual game in Second
Life completely covered all of the production costs of the real life
edition. Situated on both sides of the Atlantic, Boffin and Therian
have never met in real life.


ZOMG Combat Cards in Real Life!

December 23, 2008

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian
undead-xmas-party08 You are cordially invited to the Combat Cards Undead Christmas Party! Undead attire encouraged but not required. Prizes, fighting, and – best of all – we are rolling out Combat Cards 2.0 with a new free-and-modifiable series of arenas. AND real life cards!

Real life Combat Cards are now available and can be purchased at http://us.shop.combatcards.co.uk (US customers) and http://uk.shop.combatcards.co.uk (UK customers) You can also buy a set of real life Combat Cards in world for 3500L$ which will give you a 15US$ value gift certificate code to use at http://us.shop.combatcards.co.uk or http://uk.shop.combatcards.co.uk and a full set of Second Life Combat Cards. Currently real life Combat Cards can only be delivered to domestic US or UK addresses.


Image Metrics Tech Demo

August 20, 2008

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian

This should shake things up.



July 29, 2008

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian
“Monthly Experimental Games” it says on the Kloonigames blog, and there are those – but this fellow is also the creator of Crayon Physics, an as-yet unreleased game where your drawings turn physical to address little puzzles.

Current little downloadable game: Jimmy’s Lost His Toilet Paper.