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December 7, 2007

Below is a quick writeup from the sim’s creators. Got a game you’d like to see here? IM Onder Skall today!



A wonderful sim that captivates the eye for the candy is a plenty here. This Roleplay sim has many hidden features and is set on a 3 level tier build, the owner and builder Dannon Robbiani has taken much care and dedication to detail this great sim. This opens to a dock area that channels through gates of theis medieval setting, a large market, and the second set of gates opens to a very detaild dragon statue and castle with many towers.


Beyond the castle is the warriors arena, one of the nicest around, across from the arena is also two grand builds, the cathedral and the ballroom which nothing compares. It has a very nicely set village for its residents and an entry to the underworld below, Incan temples, dark forests, foggy hills laiden with quicksand and a dark tower centered on water. in the market you can find a globe that will take you to the 3rd tier which is the Drakes Cove, lush forest crystal caves and a dragons lair, some resident prefer to reside here but even all the shops and home rentals are cheap for this kind of detail. The ballroom is a formal waltz ballroom so bring your tuxes and gowns for this prestigous place. dances start at 7pm nightly.



Felonhall City

November 12, 2007

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian
Although I’m not a role player I do enjoy wandering around in such places. Dystopian fantasies appeal to me and there are a few lovely ones in Second Life that have attracted fiercely loyal followers, but due to the current nature of SL with its sim-caps and peak-time lag (not to speak of the nature of Mankind itself in all its variety), it’s nice to have new places to explore.

A new role-play sim, housing the post-apocalyptic slurl-12x16.gifFelonhall City, is opening on the 13 November at 3pm SLT, and I paid a visit and spoke with Chaos Bikcin about this gritty place and its denizens.



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Octoberville Returns

September 17, 2007

OctobervilleConsider this your teaser. The sim isn’t built yet, but more is coming.

I have a feeling that fall and winter are going to be insane for gaming in SL the way things are shaping up. I have a backlog. Watch this space.


Games Park

August 14, 2007

by Onder Skall

For those of you who haven’t seen it I wanted to tell you all about my little home in Second Life, the Games Park (SLurl).

Games Park

Here I have a whole bunch of games and some free T-shirts if you’re into Atari or Nintendo.

Games Park

Here I have a bunch of artwork. The tree changes color when you touch it, and you might remember those panels from Brian Eno’s big display

Games Park

… and over here, a chill-out area. Those panels can be clicked for notecards about sites around SL and landmarks if you want to visit them.

This whole thing might go away actually, I’m not sure. Things I can’t reveal are really moving at the moment. Basically: catch it while you can!


Samarkand RP Kicks Off

August 4, 2007

Samarkand Samarkand
Samarkand Samarkand Samarkand
Images are 800×600

by Onder Skall

I caught one of the kickoff events at Samarkand tonight. (Here’s the SLurl.) The place is gorgeous, the role players really and truly role play, and I got pictures. It’s good to wear my “games reporter” hat sometimes! (Even if it has holes in it from the horns.)

Here’s a quick summary from the press release:

As one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world, Samarkand is an international city set along the mysterious Central Asian/Persian/Arabian Silk Road. It is here, in ancient Samarkand (2000 BC – 1200 AD), that a group of outcasts have settled and begin to blend into the tribes of the land. These multi racial tribes–consisting of vampires (Vampire: The Masquerade clans, as well as vampires without clans), demons, nekos, drows, mages, mortals, shapeshifters dragons, angels, lycans, among many other species and cultures–draw all travelers into their ancient rivalries until, soon, Samarkand lives up to the meaning of its name:”land of war!!!”…

As role play areas go, I have to say that Samarkand is unique in that they control the style, but not really much of the content. You get “Masquerade” vampires and human goreans, sword fighters and magic users, angels and atheists, but in conversation they all seem to be on the same page about the tone and style of the environment. It’s an opportunity for people to take characters they play elsewhere and bring them into a new culture to see if there are new ways to make things fit.

The architecture is a mix of Arabian, Persian and Indian opulence, and I found myself looking forward to the day when Windlight lets us control the lighting effects. This kind of build will really win out against others when shadows and light can play against each other in a more subtle way. It’s running on a class 5 server so the details popped into view fairly quickly too.

The “Queen of Queens” in Samarkand is (currently) Pierce Malick, who would tell you that all of her subjects are loyal to her. That’s not completely true, however. There are always plots to overthrow the throne, but of course, none of the tribes will openly admit that to the Queen herself. Secrecy, politics, and strategy play as much a part in the daily lives of the city’s residents as DCS combat does.

Silk Rose Club Of course, every sim needs a club. Samarkand’s is called “The Silk Rose Club” and keeps with the multicultural feel, broadcasting dance radio from China, Afganistan, Russia, Iran, and even a little European mix now and again. Like most clubs they hold regular events on Fridays and Saturdays, and they’re hiring dancers and escorts now if you’re interested.

If you want to join in the general exotic fun at Samarkand, TP in and you’ll get notecards telling you how to join a tribe and meet interesting people. It’s nice to see somebody trying something unique, and I have a feeling old-time role players are going to love the refreshing change.


Weapons of Choice

July 15, 2007

[Originally published by me in New World Notes – small intro by Hamlet]

Unleashing the power of CCS high above the City of Lost Angels

Way back in its earliest beginnings, Second Life was conceived in part as a platform for game development. But as SL designers will eagerly tell you, hacking the code to support a playable system is a massive challenge. Accepting it are CCS and DSC, two robust gameplay engines already in use by many gamers in SL. NWN game correspondent Onder Skall breaks down the pros and cons of both in a compare and contrast accompanied by uniformly kickass screenshots. Whether you’re a gamer or game developer, it’s mandatory reading. Join Onder after the break.

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Tiny Empires

July 12, 2007

Tiny Empiresby Onder Skall

I was sent this by Ultralite Design and haven’t been able to take it off my HUD since. It’s genius.

The basic premise of Tiny Empires is that you’re climbing the social hierarchy. To do that you need to buy land, get subjects, and grow your empire. The subjects are other, newbie players… which means that at the beginning YOU will be somebody’s subject.

That takes a bit because another player of a particular rank has to be logged on and playing in order to see that there are new subjects available. I had to wait about five minutes… and it didn’t really benefit me directly.

Indirectly the benefit is huge, though. My liege earns money on every acre of land I own, and I get occasional offers to leave him and become somebody else’s subject. That means that my liege is SUPER helpful, sending me friendly IMs and offering advice. Good guy. I’ll keep him around. For now. 🙂

You’ll get offers from “the king” to buy land occasionally, which is great because land means money. You’ll also get offers from other players to buy your land. If they’re offering you above fair market value, it might be worth it so you can buy more later at the regular price. More often than not though they’re offering you much less, so make SURE to turn them down!

It’s time-based gameplay so what you’ll end up doing is hitting the little minimize button on it and quickly opening it whenever the indicator flashes to see what the latest offers are. I’ve enjoyed having it there while waiting for IMs to come in.

You can pick up a free trial at Ultralite Design and get the full version when you’re ready. When you get the full version you can even hand out trial versions to your friends!