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777 League Race Track

October 29, 2007

NOTE: This article and the images come to us via MenuBar Memorial. Let’s all give him fond words of encouragement here to get him to send in articles more often!

I actually lived through this

The wind whips violently through your hair, as you slam down on the ccelerator barreling your vehicle down the straightway. You white-knuckle your keyboard as you ease onto the brakes, shifting down to first gear, a little bit of the ol’ “heel-toe, heel-toe” and you expertly drift sideways through the tight hairpin turn, straighten out, and blast off into a screaming 4th gear sprint past the blurring rows of futuristic buildings and street signs.

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Combat Cards 1.4 Release

October 23, 2007

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian

Combat Cards: The Trading Card Game of Dueling Warriors


On the 28 October at 2pm there will be several exciting things going on at the Combat Cards Arenas in Europa. One is the launching of Combat Cards 1.4 and the release of 12 new cards (and two beta cards). Another is the finals for the summer tournaments in the Constructed and Open leagues. Seasoned fighters will slog it out for the 10,000L Constructed Cup, which should be interesting; the Open Cup fighters will do battle using demo decks, the winner getting a full set of Combat Cards. The third is a free-for-all for any fighters present using constructed decks, with the highest scorer after the event’s battles declared the winner – no other eligibility requirements, for a 2500L prize.

If you’ve fought before but weren’t able to gain eligibility for the Constructed Cup, you should check the scores, then come along with your weapon at the ready. See if you can pick off fighters above you in the rankings. Read the rest of this entry ?


Wizardry Tournament @ Aglarond Elvenvalley

October 21, 2007

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian


slurl-12x16.gifAglarond Elvenvalley is holding their first wizardry tournament at 12:30pm today, using the Huddles Wizardry system. There is a good turn-out, and although most seem to be sim frequenters there are a few strangers, I think, like me. I’ve never been to a wizardry competition (that I remember, anyway), so I’m looking forward to the event. wizardry2.jpg

A wizard in attendance

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Combat Cards

October 21, 2007

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian
Trading card aficianados can go and fight at the slurl-12x16.gifEuropa Combat Cards Arenas today at 2pm* to blow off steam and get a bit of practice in for the Combat Cards tournament finals and free-for-all next Sunday. All skill levels are welcome.

*Anyone can fight robots or people there anytime, but on Sundays there is an event.


The Show Must Go On!

October 20, 2007

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian


slurl-12x16.gifPhobos 93/164/65

This is the next-to-last chance to see this show before we retire it and develop a new one. Join the troupe at the home stage in Phobos at 2pm on Saturday.


20 Things To Do In Octoberville

October 15, 2007

by Onder Skall

This article was originally posted in the Second Life Herald.

Octoberville is back again over at PixelTrix; a full sim of kooky creepy Halloween goodness courtesy of visionary Cherub Spectre. There’s more to see and do than could possibly be covered in a single article, and you really have to see for yourself anyhow. So, instead of boring you all with a big epic about how marvelous the place is, I’ve boiled my photo essay down to 20 things that you can do. Go do them.

1. Ride the train. Read the rest of this entry ?


Combat Cards: Prepare for the Constructed Cup

October 11, 2007

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian


Constructed Clash
14 October @ 2pm at the Combat Cards Arenas in Europa

This event will help you get your Combat Cards constructed deck built and ten fights fought and you might gain eligibility to the Constructed Cup finals that take place on 28 October. Doc Boffin will be teaching deck-building and giving out a card to attendees. There will be fighters wanting to get some fights in. Watch your scores to see who you should challenge. The top four scorers will battle it out on the 28th for a 10kL prize.

The Open Cup, on the 28th as well, is for demo deck fighters and has cards for a prize. A third contest is for constructed deck fighters present on the day to fight – no other eligibility requirement, and has a 2.5kL prize, plus cards.

The Constructed Cup and attendant festivities and bloodshed herald the arrival of 12 new cards (and 2 new beta cards) – see them on the Combat Cards blog.