Graphics are going up on this page as soon as… well… as soon as I get around to it, really. I’m a lazy, lazy man, what can I tell you…

This is an open invitation for you to participate in making Second Life Games the total phenomena it was meant to be. You can do this in any/all of the following ways:

  • Come on by the Games Park and play with us!
  • Contact me and tell me about your absolute favorite all-time game.
  • Fill the blog with your comments.
  • Join the “Second Life Games” group in-world to get the tag “Hardcore Gamer” above your head!
  • Tell me about something you’re building, or send me something to review.
  • Link this blog on your website!
  • Tell me other ways that I haven’t thought of to participate, and I’ll list them here!


  1. c cool

  2. Eu gostaria de jogar muito o secondlife!
    me disseram que é um jogo muito bom, que na verdade vive num mundo real.

  3. Nice to hear from Portugal!

  4. fiquei sabendo do jogo e desejo jogar

  5. fiquei sabendo do jogo e quero jogar

  6. também gostaria de jogar!

  7. il a lair super ces jeux

  8. aqui da demais!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. mail free

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