June 19, 2007

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian

Pirate Cotton, one of the devs behind DarkLife, is just getting started with a new gamer’s resource called GameRing. Similar to a webring, this is a listing of games that is accessed inworld. The idea is that each game in the ring hosts a GameRing information stand. Maybe you are at a place that needs teams and you are alone – by scrolling through the kiosk you find a game suitable for one player and think, “Hmmm… I never heard of that one – think I’ll give it a try.”


I have an load of questions sitting in Pirate’s inbox right now, so I’ll add more information as it becomes available. Since this is brand new, the time is probably ripe for game devs to jump up and down and yell, “Add me! Add me!”

w00ty! Here’s Pirate in his own words:

GameRing is an in-world web-ring for Second Life games. The idea is that whoever is in the GameRing database also displays a GameRing info vendor at their game’s location. In this way we will connect all the games in Second Life to each other, and help each other out by introducing our players to fun new content in SL.

No one wants to play one game forever. If the game builders share the audience keen on games (which is a lot bigger than I think we’ve seen to date), then that audience will keep playing SL and we’ll all benefit. It’s also, clearly, very handy for players as they can easily find new games by browsing the vendor.

Even better, if they want to take home their own catalog of games they can simply pay $1 to the machine on the ‘GameRing’ page and it will provide them a personal catalog of games. This could be put up at their property and will automatically update (as do all the vendors) as new games are added. GameRing connects players to games.

I came up with the idea after being frustrated with Second Life’s built-in search tools (you can read about my frustrations on my blog at Tiny Pirate). I found it so hard to find great new content unless you actually knew someone who told you about the cool stuff you could do. I really would like Linden Labs to get more creative with in-world search, but I know it’s not going to happen. So, I took matters into my own hands. I firmly believe that linking the games of SL together will allow us all to benefit, owners and players, and it will introduce many new players to cool new things to do in SL. SL is more than porn, clubs and malls (I would like to think), and this, I hope, is my way of showing that.

Any group or resident in Second Life who has a plot of land devoted to games can join. I won’t be including casino-type games as I think they are easy enough to find, so the big roleplaying, combat, sports games are the sort of target I’m looking for. All they need to do is contact me and provide a 512×512 poster advertisement for their game, a notecard describing it, and a freebie giveaway. I then update the vendor server and all the ‘verses vendors will start to show the new game. They also have to pledge to put up a GameRing vendor on their property so their players can find out about everyone else’s games too. It costs nothing to join GameRing.

Currently you can see a sample of the GameRing vendor on the DarkLife property in Navora. If users wish to customize the vendor, they can, (especially to fit in with themed builds), as the only rule is that the vendor should be on display near the arrival point and should be marked
as a GameRing device.


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