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777 League Race Track

October 29, 2007

NOTE: This article and the images come to us via MenuBar Memorial. Let’s all give him fond words of encouragement here to get him to send in articles more often!

I actually lived through this

The wind whips violently through your hair, as you slam down on the ccelerator barreling your vehicle down the straightway. You white-knuckle your keyboard as you ease onto the brakes, shifting down to first gear, a little bit of the ol’ “heel-toe, heel-toe” and you expertly drift sideways through the tight hairpin turn, straighten out, and blast off into a screaming 4th gear sprint past the blurring rows of futuristic buildings and street signs.

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Octoberville Returns

September 17, 2007

OctobervilleConsider this your teaser. The sim isn’t built yet, but more is coming.

I have a feeling that fall and winter are going to be insane for gaming in SL the way things are shaping up. I have a backlog. Watch this space.


Onder’s Game – Dragon Quest, Quiz Time, Go Karts

May 5, 2007

by Onder Skall

The following originally appeared in my column over at New World Notes. Right now I have an article running over there about Midgar that just got Slashotted… so bully for NWN. 🙂


Onder Skall reviews some of the Grid’s most intriguing games

I’m often surprised at the amount of quality content in Second Life that I find tucked behind a corner or even inside a single prim. This week I’m going to focus on three very different games that, if you didn’t know they were there, you might have walked right by without ever noticing. Let’s take a look at some hidden gems.

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Onder’s Game: Bumper Cars, UNA, and Hogan’s Alley

April 21, 2007

by Onder Skall

This article was originally published in New World Notes. My latest column (about City of Lost Angels) has already appeared there, but I forgot to repost this earlier. Forgiveness please.

Onder’s First April NWN Installment

Onder Skall reviews some of the grid’s most intriguing games

Some of the best games are based on childhood memories. Nostalgia is a powerful force when it comes to fun, so today we take a good look at three games that many will remember from our years as young gamers: an arcade machine, a carnival ride, and a card game. Let’s go retro!

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Kula High-Speed Jump

April 10, 2007

Seeker Gray By Seeker Gray

Ahhh, to be young again! You may not know this, but I once raced motorcycles, almost making a name for myself on the professional circuit with my Norton – as a gentleman racer, of course.

So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that not only can I get a free motorcycle in Second Life, I can jump my motorcycle! (You see, there is a side to Seeker Gray you may not have anticipated seeing. I’m all for the occasional surprise.)

Kula bike

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Orange County Choppers Builds Intel A Bike

April 4, 2007

by Onder Skall

What does Intel need a bike for? Alright, I get it – it’s an illustration of the “raw power” of their new quad-core processing… whatevers. If they’re really interested in bringing this message of hardcore super-powerful computing awesomeness, though, why in the world would they want to create an SL version of the bike? SL is kind of the OPPOSITE of a demo for “raw computing power”.

Let’s take a look at some another Intel PR effort for a moment. Here’s a quote from about the Versu stunt:

To help reach the fickle Generation Next, Intel in early October launched an innovative promotional campaign in New York to put Intel® Centrino® Duo mobile technology with the Intel® Core™2 Duo processor front and center for hip Webheads plugged into the digital lifestyle. The take-home message: Intel wireless technology is “dope,” and the only road to cool-street runs through Centrinoville, baby.

Uh-hunh. Sounds… real “dope”. How I love PR hacks. This bike build is starting to seem a little less random and a little more like an effort to get me to drive “the only road to cool-street”. Hoo-boy.

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New Ride At Games Park

March 30, 2007

Bumper Cars

This turned into such a huge ordeal…

I figured it was time to take down Duck Hunt and try something else big. I’ve been meaning to try Bumper Cars (I’ll be writing it up for NWN next week) so I got myself a copy and installed it in the Park.

Uh oh. It’s big. Really big.

After shuffling things around I actually took the clubhouse right out, replaced it with a much smaller version, and was able to jam all the games in there. The only thing I had to sacrifice was Kris’ flower ride, which is too bad.

Do me a favor though: try out the ride and then write me about your experiences (see Contact page). Here’s a link to the Games Park.