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May 12, 2008

If you’re looking for some action, try skydiving! There’s Abbott’s Aerodrome with many freefall shops to begin with. Ofcourse there are many other places to try out this thrill which you can easily look up. In a world free from gravity, flying and floating about is a common thing. Skydiving is the way to go if you want to experience even more reality within the world. You would uncontrollably plummet down like with real skydiving and anticipate your safe landing. This is one sport that you cannot get bored of. Vist to see avatars with the most jumps and best average. Events are also held for this exciting sport. You could check up on skydiving events at You could also get cheap gear for your first trial from some events. The most recent one lets you get basic chutes for only $1.


I Pac-Man

January 11, 2008

Check this out: ever want to be Pac-Man? No? Well, too bad, you are anyhow you lucky you!

A company called Intoint has made a version of it in Second Life (slurl: that’s way too much fun. They call it “Intoman”, of course, but hey it’s a promotional. Whenever the game ends you get flung to some random location around the island. It’s a pretty fun way to die, actually.


Starting up is easy. Go to the table with the backpack on it, buy one for 0L$, wear it, and click on it. Game starts.


Gameplay is pretty simple – run into the power-pellets and get ’em all to go on to the next level. Get hit by a ghost three times or run out of time and it’s game over. For an extra challenge, try mouselook. It’s a lot harder somehow.


This is me on my fifth game. I finally made it to level 2 before that ghost got me. Dammit. I decided to take a break and let Hydra Shaftoe take a crack at it.


Watching is as much fun as playing. There’s a big seating area for the audience, so bring some friends.

It’s free. Go play it. Power pellets await. Go. Now. Stop reading. I said stop! Gah! (slurl: (slurl: (slurl: (slurl: (slurl: GO! (slurl:


Deutsche Post opens Winter Games in Second Life

December 11, 2007


Deutsche Post opens Winter Games in Second Life
Avatars must deliver top class performances like postmen

Bonn, 11th December 2007. Under the slogan “Take up the challenge!“, the Deutsche Post is opening the “Deutsche Post Winter Games“ on December 12  in the online world Second Life. The role of the virtual sportsmen and women is to
deliver a postcard safely and quickly to its destination. On the way, they must perform at the highest possible level and give their all: just like the Deutsche Post employees in their First Life.

The best twenty avatars qualify for the grand final on January 26th 2008. They then take on each other directly in the battle for victory. But before that, they must prove their abilities in three winter disciplines on Post Island: they have to master the rapid downhill ski and snowboard piste, conquer the bobsleigh run and dare to jump from the airy heights of the ski jump.

The winner receives high class winter sport equipment from Head and Tyrolia, worth 500 euros. The avatars in places two and three are rewarded with cash prizes of 25,000 Linden dollars, and those placed from fourth to tenth receive 10,000 Linden dollars each. All Second Life residents over the age of 18 are entitled to enter.

As an innovative communications provider, the Deutsche Post has been present in the online world Second Life since May 2007. The 3D platform now has more than 11 million users worldwide.

Further information can be found under


Gigantic Things On The Way

November 30, 2007

In part, this is a teaser about RIOT – the giant robot game being built by Xenius Revere. Click on the picture below for a giant 2560 x 1936 wallpaper teaser image. Yes, that mech behind me is a wearable, sculpty, fully animated avatar.

RIOT Preview Wallpaper

Here’s the other teaser: I’ve figured out a way to re-invent Second Life Games and bring it back to life. It’ll take some time though. We’ll be waiting until next year at least. But when it happens, you are going to love it.


777 League Race Track

October 29, 2007

NOTE: This article and the images come to us via MenuBar Memorial. Let’s all give him fond words of encouragement here to get him to send in articles more often!

I actually lived through this

The wind whips violently through your hair, as you slam down on the ccelerator barreling your vehicle down the straightway. You white-knuckle your keyboard as you ease onto the brakes, shifting down to first gear, a little bit of the ol’ “heel-toe, heel-toe” and you expertly drift sideways through the tight hairpin turn, straighten out, and blast off into a screaming 4th gear sprint past the blurring rows of futuristic buildings and street signs.

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Generali’s Driving Game

October 9, 2007

This was a bit of a surprise: a game that teaches driving safety, and it’s fun. Who’d have thought?

Generali Generali

Basically you sit in the car, wear the HUD they give you, and use the arrow keys. Crates and people and livestock come whipping past and you have to try to dodge them. The longer you go without hitting anything, the more points you get. The ironic twist: stay in the center and drive like a SANE person, and you get the most points. Of course, I couldn’t resist temptation…

The prizes are pretty good too. There’s a picture above of me wearing three of them – a Geiger counter, night vision goggles, and a laserwatch… uh oh. Looks like I left the watch on. I wonder what I lasered…

Anyhow, check it out.


Havok 4 Vid

October 5, 2007

Havok 4 is going to change gaming in a HUGE way in SL. Meanwhile, here’s a vid from AshtonJX. And another one from Dizzy Banjo (extremely cool guy by the way, you should meet him!).