ZOMG Combat Cards in Real Life!

December 23, 2008

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian
undead-xmas-party08 You are cordially invited to the Combat Cards Undead Christmas Party! Undead attire encouraged but not required. Prizes, fighting, and – best of all – we are rolling out Combat Cards 2.0 with a new free-and-modifiable series of arenas. AND real life cards!

Real life Combat Cards are now available and can be purchased at http://us.shop.combatcards.co.uk (US customers) and http://uk.shop.combatcards.co.uk (UK customers) You can also buy a set of real life Combat Cards in world for 3500L$ which will give you a 15US$ value gift certificate code to use at http://us.shop.combatcards.co.uk or http://uk.shop.combatcards.co.uk and a full set of Second Life Combat Cards. Currently real life Combat Cards can only be delivered to domestic US or UK addresses.


One comment

  1. thanks Osprey! I would *love* to have a full set of those cards so that I can build a really kickass deck! *rushes over to the Combat Cards Arena in her pajamas*

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