Combat Cards Spring Tournament

February 22, 2008

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian

slurl-12x16.gif Combat Cards Arenas in Europa
Tournament Event Listing


On 2 March at 2 pm fighters will gather at Europa to determine who will win the Combat Cards Constructed Cup and 5000 lindens, and the Open Cup and a set of cards. If you are new to the game you will enjoy watching the duels – and you can jump in after we roll out 1.5 and the new cards and fight in the Free-For-All. Game devs Doc Boffin and Osprey Therian will be on hand, of course.

With the addition of the cards released on the 2nd March, Combat Cards is moving towards 50 unique cards in two series, Fantasy and Horror, all featuring Second Life Avatars. Those cards represent moves fighters can chose to add to their pool of cards when they construct decks. Cards have many different actions, such as attack, regeneration, dodge, forced discard, block, and those actions take place in high, mid, or low regions (so you would block a high attack with a high block). Constructing decks is an art as balancing is difficult – but for those wanting to jump into the game there are two choices right now: free demo decks (limited but well-balanced decks) or the new fully modifiable complete decks (10 cards – balanced but you can tinker and change it as you like). That brings me back to the Constructed Cup, where the top fighters compete using decks they have constructed themselves.

There are 3 events for the Spring Tournament ’08 –
Constructed Cup – top fighters using constructed decks battle for 5kL
Open Cup – top fighters using demo decks battle for a full set of cards.
Free-For-All – after the new cards are rolled out anyone can fight, with the high scorer in the new 1.5 release winning 1kL.
BASICS: Any weapon can be used – the game animates you according to the move you pick from the choices displayed as cards in your HUD.
Watch the video if you are new and want to get the basics. Free to play in demo or horror demo mode, more complex combos and moves are opened up if you decide to construct your own deck using cards from the vendor, player marketplace, or through trades or referrals.



  1. The only game cards I am familiar with are those dealt in a hand of hand of poker

  2. gooddd

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