48 Hour Film

January 9, 2008

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian

The real life 48 Hour Film Project has come to Second Life. This coming weekend 13 machinima teams will create, from scratch, a 1-4 minute long machinima piece – entirely inside Second Life.

From the official rules:

In that 48 hour period, all creativity will take place, including but not limited to:
• Writing the script
• Rehearsing
• Costume/Set Design
• Shooting in Second Life
• Editing
• Sound Design

On Friday each team leader receives the genre, character, and line of dialogue to be included in their film. Everything must be created within the 48 hours – no sneaking about taking snippets of kewl stuff (that would be rather pointless anyway). Last minute rule changes regarding resolution shook things up a bit today, so I hope everyone is now set and ready to go. As with any timed event the lead-up is agony, but presumably once the starting gate opens everyone will be absorbed in the task.

Twelve teams are competing, and the thirteenth has been fielded by sponsor Millions of Us, who just couldn’t keep their fingers out of the pie.


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