Kat Burger’s Top 10 Competition

December 10, 2007

Kat Burger invites everyone to join her Top 10 Competition of skillgames, running December 16-23. If you like playing those gridgames, do check it out.

Kat’s Top 10

Kat Burger welcomes everyone to enter her skillgame freeplay tournament.

Have you ever wondered who the best skillgame player is? Maybe you think you are the one. Now there’s a chance to find out. Kat Burger hosts the first of many Top 10 events, starting at December 16th. The games included in this freeplay competition are Dragonz, Gempuz, Gem Sorter, Letterz, Pipz, Quince, Solo Dices, Sudoku, Syzygy and XMemory. More competitions are planned for the future though, so if your favorite game is not among those games, you might get lucky still. The games chosen this time had to have a freeplay option, allowing freeplay scores to be recorded, and also require a good amount of skill to be played successfully. The games are already placed and open for play if you want to practise. Here, use this landmark:


Qualifying rounds, December 16-20

Starting midnight SLT December 16th, players are able to play the games as many times as they want. The games are all set to freeplay (meaning the cost of 1L will be refunded automatically when the game starts). The player holding the best score on any of the ten different machines at the following midnight will qualify to the finals, up until midnight ending December 20th. There is a total of 50 possible places in the finals (ten daily highscores from five days of play). Qualified players will be notified, and listed at the tournament website found here:


Players who have already qualified to the finals should avoid playing the tournament machines again, allowing more players to qualify. Kat warns that violating this rule could lead to disqualification.

Finals, December 23rd

At the day of the finals, qualified players will be invited to the tournament skybox, where Kat and her staff will observe as players play each of the ten games once. Each of the scores are then recorded and when everyone has been given a chance to give their scores, the scores from each game are compared. Players are ranked in relation to their scores and the winner is decided based on best total rank over all ten games (probably the one with the most first place positions). The top 10 players will be notified on December 24th. They will all receive cash prizes, and the winner will also get a specially made t-shirt and probably some other fine prizes. Winners should also stick around for a screenshot to be put on the tournament website.

Training and more

Kat says that since some of the games in the competition can be quite challenging, she and her friends will offer game training during the days leading up to the competition. Contact her if you feel you could benefit from that. While you visit Kat’s games, be sure to explore the place. There is much fun to be had, since Kat collects all kinds of games. You can find table games, duel games, quest games, more gridgames, group games and even a complete archery range. Have fun, and good luck gaming.

by Michalius Oppewall


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