December 7, 2007

Below is a quick writeup from the sim’s creators. Got a game you’d like to see here? IM Onder Skall today!



A wonderful sim that captivates the eye for the candy is a plenty here. This Roleplay sim has many hidden features and is set on a 3 level tier build, the owner and builder Dannon Robbiani has taken much care and dedication to detail this great sim. This opens to a dock area that channels through gates of theis medieval setting, a large market, and the second set of gates opens to a very detaild dragon statue and castle with many towers.


Beyond the castle is the warriors arena, one of the nicest around, across from the arena is also two grand builds, the cathedral and the ballroom which nothing compares. It has a very nicely set village for its residents and an entry to the underworld below, Incan temples, dark forests, foggy hills laiden with quicksand and a dark tower centered on water. in the market you can find a globe that will take you to the 3rd tier which is the Drakes Cove, lush forest crystal caves and a dragons lair, some resident prefer to reside here but even all the shops and home rentals are cheap for this kind of detail. The ballroom is a formal waltz ballroom so bring your tuxes and gowns for this prestigous place. dances start at 7pm nightly.




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