Ice Sculpty Sculpture Contest

December 5, 2007

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian


Etheria Parrott, one of the creative Tiny citizens of Raglan Shire, has devised a contest that promises to be excellent fun for both participants and those who like to watch and cheer. slurl-12x16.gifAn ice sculpty sculpture contest! It sounds like just the thing to help us get into the holiday spirit, and is part of a month of winter activities at Raglan Shire. Note that one needn’t be a Tiny to enter, and bear in mind that the resulting ice sculpture garden will be, I believe, an excellent place for photographers to visit. Judging will take place on the 16th, but sculptures will remain up all month. Contest details are after the fold.

****Ice Sculpty Sculpture Contest****
The idea for this contest is to encourage people to learn how to make sculpties. There are many programmes you could use or learn to use. Some are even free so check out:


1st place 1000 lindens
2nd place 500 lindens
3rd place 250 lindens

Entries will be judged on the 16th December at noon PST.
Judging criteria:
1. Awesomeness
2. Iciness
3. Artistic merit

1. You must ‘buy’ one of the 10 bases laid out for this purpose for 25 lindens before you put out your ice sculpty. In buying the base, you commit to entering the contest. This is your entry fee. If you don’t enter, then you have denied someone else the chance because there is limited space for bases.

2. Your sculpty sculpture must fit entirely within the 3 metre x 3 metre base, with a max height of 5m.

3. Your sculpture must be 5 prims or less (the base is NOT included in this count)

4. Your sculptie sculpture must be yours and all parts entirely created by you.

5. There must be no rotating or moving parts – static sculptures only

5. Your ice sculptie scupture *must* look like ICE

6. Set both base and sculpture to Artisans group to stop it from being auto-returned. All entrants must be members of the Artisans Society of Raglan Shire. If you are not artisans, please IM Zayn Till to be added to the group on a temporary basis, before entering.

7. Only one base per person may be purchased

Anyone not working within these rules will have their entry returned and their entry fee will not be returned.



  1. What a wonderful idea this is! The location of the contest is in Raglan’s beautiful Winterfest Park, with sledding and ice skating available, as well as Etheria’s super fun ice balls ( You climb inside them and roll all over, hehe!).

    We have hot chocolate, mulled wine, and dancing at all hours. Come grab a chance to revel in snow that never gets dirty! Several ice sculptures are already set up for the contest, so folks have sculptures to see, right away, too!

    We tinies are known for our friendliness to all who visit. Bring your ice skates, and stay a while. Shop in the tiny wooden cabins featuring fun tiny clothing and toys.

    ..And while you’re at it, grab one of the bases for the Ice sculpy contest, and get to work producing a quality piece for the judging on Dec. 16th!

    Hope to see you there!

    Greta Umarov 😀

  2. Fantastic idea and the entries are amazing. Come by and check them out! One of them is even up for sale!

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