Gigantic Things On The Way

November 30, 2007

In part, this is a teaser about RIOT – the giant robot game being built by Xenius Revere. Click on the picture below for a giant 2560 x 1936 wallpaper teaser image. Yes, that mech behind me is a wearable, sculpty, fully animated avatar.

RIOT Preview Wallpaper

Here’s the other teaser: I’ve figured out a way to re-invent Second Life Games and bring it back to life. It’ll take some time though. We’ll be waiting until next year at least. But when it happens, you are going to love it.


One comment

  1. The pic is of the first Mech to be built. There are currently two versions, both on display now. By completion there will be 5 types of Mech with various levels of weaponry and shielding.

    The Riot HQ Sim’s construction is in pause mode for the building of the RIOT Combat Sim 1, Check your Map when in world its over to your right. Yes it has been seperated from the HQ Sim to reduce Visual lag during battle.

    The First Mech will pass out of its Beta stage soon and will be on sale Mid Jan 08

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