Felonhall City

November 12, 2007

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian
Although I’m not a role player I do enjoy wandering around in such places. Dystopian fantasies appeal to me and there are a few lovely ones in Second Life that have attracted fiercely loyal followers, but due to the current nature of SL with its sim-caps and peak-time lag (not to speak of the nature of Mankind itself in all its variety), it’s nice to have new places to explore.

A new role-play sim, housing the post-apocalyptic slurl-12x16.gifFelonhall City, is opening on the 13 November at 3pm SLT, and I paid a visit and spoke with Chaos Bikcin about this gritty place and its denizens.



An Excerpt from Felonhall’s Backstory

In 2013 crime levels had risen, food resources diminished, and war erupted. The ozone layer broke down and dangerous cosmic rays beat the atmosphere, turning the days into nights. Crops soon started to die; food and clean water became more important than money and things quickly went to shit.

World War III broke out — a nasty exchange of nuclear and biological weapons laying to waste the once beautiful land. Most major cities have been reduced to rubble and the few unlucky survivors are infected with strange viruses. After the war there wasn’t much left; a few small cities had survived. This is when strange things really started happening…

An Interview with Chaos Bikcin of Felonhall
What’s the combat system?
It’s the DCS2 combat system. We also have weapons that people have made and are selling, and we have freebie “weapons” lying around such as barstools, bricks, pipes etc for use in Felonhall (or anywhere else that has DCS)

Do you have a core group of role players at the moment, or is that what you hope to get going following the opening?
We have a few members yes, we hope to pick up a strong crowd of dedicated roleplayers and just people looking for a place to live their (second) lives and have fun.

What sets Felonhall apart from other role play areas? There’s something in your notecard about being yourself – does that mean all are welcome (some places don’t allow, say, robots in a medieval rpg or furries in other places)?
We do encourage people to try and fit the look, and will even be offering a basic Felonhall ragged look at the start, but all is allowed, Yes, all are welcome whether or not they want to roleplay. You can be yourself here, whether that’s your fictional self or real self.

Why did you decide to do this?
I thought Second Life lacked some truly chilled but at the same time full of action sims. There are plenty of places for one thing — like dark roleplay is only dark roleplay, anything else is strictly forbidden. We are very open to difference and welcome it with open arms.

How long did it take?
This has taken me so far a whole month to make from the ground up.

Felonhall’s Website


Chaos at the pub, Os peeking.



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  1. Looks nice. Gonna pay the visit and send some prayers to place get its audience and nice development of the story….

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