Combat Cards 1.4 Release

October 23, 2007

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian

Combat Cards: The Trading Card Game of Dueling Warriors


On the 28 October at 2pm there will be several exciting things going on at the Combat Cards Arenas in Europa. One is the launching of Combat Cards 1.4 and the release of 12 new cards (and two beta cards). Another is the finals for the summer tournaments in the Constructed and Open leagues. Seasoned fighters will slog it out for the 10,000L Constructed Cup, which should be interesting; the Open Cup fighters will do battle using demo decks, the winner getting a full set of Combat Cards. The third is a free-for-all for any fighters present using constructed decks, with the highest scorer after the event’s battles declared the winner – no other eligibility requirements, for a 2500L prize.

If you’ve fought before but weren’t able to gain eligibility for the Constructed Cup, you should check the scores, then come along with your weapon at the ready. See if you can pick off fighters above you in the rankings.

If you want to get in on the action, construct your deck and take part in the winter tournament qualifiers, which will run until St Valentine’s Day next year. If you have a kewl avatar and would like to be featured on a card come for a Sunday event at Europa and talk to Doc and me. I am looking for avatars in the Fantasy and Horror series, but am also working on a Robot series.


Newest robot Hal practices with his sword (Hal isn’t set up to play the game yet but you can fight Alonso or Ned, the other two robots).


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