Tiny Jousting – Medieval Fair @ Raglan Shire and Hopes Point

October 2, 2007

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian


Zayn Till and the crowd at Raglan Shire have a Medieval Fair coming up on the 12, 13, 14 October. Along with many events, including a Tiny Archery Tournament, Tiny Barrel Rolling, Fortune telling, Gypsy dancing, Stockades for Charity in which willing avatars are imprisoned until their “fine” is paid with the “fine” going to the ONE Campaign (which is a great charity), a (short show) performance on Saturday by The Show Must Go On!, there will be the first ever jousting by the Tiny set on Sunday. The Medieval Fair events will be held in Raglan Shire, excet for the jousting and TSMGO! which will be held in Hopes Point sim.

I was able to see the jousting today while it was being perfected, and was lucky enough to get some photographs of this fast-paced event. According to Raglan Shire’s magistrate Zayn Till, “Awor came up with the concept and built the arena, Apollo did the scripting and Peaches created the tiny horses :)” Armour is by Albrecht Hienreichs.tinyjousting-awor-cu.jpg

That’s Awor Blabbermouth, shown here as a Black Knight astride a horned daemon beast, who left his opponent in the dust several times.


Peaches Latrell, a fair maiden upon a snow-white unicorn, is not only beauteous but a deadly jousting foe.


Apollo Kronos is busily scripting away, here, after several bouts in the lists.


Raglan Shire magistrate Zayn Till sternly regards the efforts of the gallant knights.


The endeavor, from concept to the realisation and fine details is astonishingly well done, and can only be more picturesque with the stands full of Raglan Shire residents and visitors. Take along a fast camera to catch the action, and you might wish to blend in by dressing down. Although all sizes are welcome, half the fun is… oh, drat, I CAN’T SAY ANYTHING THAT DOESN’T SOUND LIKE A JOKE! πŸ˜€




An Interview with Zayn Till


Whose idea was it?
Bout 5 months ago A bunch of us tiny folk had been making fantasy style clothes, dressing up and exploring some of the RP Fantasy sims, having fun shocking them…. Its kind of funny when you go to a very serious Elven role play sim as a Tiny in role play gear.. You get interesting reactions πŸ™‚


Anyways, Awor and I were on Raglan working on our swords we were making when he mentioned how cool it would be if we could do a jousting setup for tinies. I thought it was a great idea, so he built the first prototype of the arena and came up with a notecard of how it could work. I brought the idea to Peaches and Apollo who are a real life married couple and do a lot of neat and fun stuff for Tinies. Apollo scripts and they both loved the idea so he agreed to do the scripting. Unfortuneately they both left Second Life due to health reasons so the project ended up being passed around to other scriptors who basically never finished it due to…. whatever *grumbles*
The joust might have been left up in the air since we’ve been so busy with all the other activities and events we do had Peaches and Apollo not RETURNED to Second Life a little while back.
SInce then, Apollo has finished the scripting, Peaches has Created her amazing Tiny animated Horses and Albrecht Hienreichs created the armor for the horses in the joust!
So Thanks to Awor, Peaches, Apollo and Albrecht!


Have people been practicing?
Nope! Most people are just getting ready for the Medieval festival, helping to plan events, make items and clothing and whatever else needs to be done. But I can tell you that a Huge amount of folken and not just Tinies are looking forward to the Actual Joust event itself. People have been waiting months for this to finally be ready to go πŸ™‚


Are there prizes?
Yes! The grand Champion for the Joust will be awarded a custom Armored Horse and matching Suit of Riding Armor!
Similarly the Grand Champion for the Archery Competition will win something special as well.
In addition the top 3 competitors for both events will be awarded a gold, silver & Bronze medal. There will be a presentation ceremony afterwards πŸ™‚


What are the rules?
Rules will be provided at the events but are quite simple. The Joust tourney will have a field of # competitors advancing by knocking their opponent off their horse. One win to move on, If a draw occurs, each competitor will joust again until one is knocked off their horse. Eventually one brave soul will remain to be crowned Jousting Champion of Raglan Shire!


Similarly, the Archery Tourney will work the same, Each competitor will get 3 shots, best score from each round will advance as competitors advance through the brackets with the winner being crowned Grand Archery Champion as well πŸ™‚



  1. Hey thanks for the write up! I just wanted to let everyone know that a huge thank you goes to Awor Blabbernouth for the Joust idea, Apollo Kronos for the scripting, Peaches Latrell for creating the animated tiny horses and Albrecht Hienrichs for creating the armor for the horses!

    The Joust and “The Show Must Go On” Troupe(which we love to death!) performance will be taking place on The Hopes Point sim but all other events and theres lots…Tiny archery competition anybody? Fortune telling? Gypsy Dancing? Witch burning? Hello? fun fun fun!.. will be on Raglan Shire! Plus we’ll be raising money for The ONE campaign which is a great organization. Hope to see you there πŸ˜€

  2. Oooh, this looks fun. I have never heard of this thing before, I look forward to trying to locate this Baglan Shire sim and meet all these crazy people! They all look crazy!

  3. Wooot, cant wait

  4. I’ll be there – can’t wait to see the jousting!

  5. […] an entire generation in the world’s poorest countries.” To that end the community is jousting, telling fortunes, holding an archery competition, selling delicacies (including ratpops – yum!) […]

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