Swag Hunt – Onder’s Collection

October 2, 2007

by Onder Skall

I haven’t done a Swag Hunt entry in quite some time so I figured I’d take the opportunity to tell everyone a bit more about my little platform in the sky. This place is high above the Games Park and I don’t think you can even get up there without some kind of flight assist. Once there, you’ll get to see my little private area where I chat with friends.

Swag Hunt - Onder’s Collection

The platform itself was rezzed from my psyTEC/proTEC system and I liked it so much I kept it for good. I dunno, as floating platforms go, it’s just what I like: clean, simple, low-prim. The tree (by Kriss Lehmann) is obviously from Straylight which, if you haven’t been, is an absolutely stunning place. Imagine an entire forest of sculpie trees!

There’s something about this sight which make me feel good. I don’t really know what it is… just something about the bent tree on a metal platform in the sky as the sun hangs low.

Swag Hunt - Onder’s Collection

Ah, the Mechanical Glasses. These were created by someanimal Arnold, and feature some of the most detailed textures I’ve seen.  Click here for a larger copy of the above picture.

Swag Hunt - Onder’s Collection

The skull (by Locke Cardway) is available in your inventory right now, as is the horse (by Nomasha Syaka). They’re examples of sculpties made freely available by the Lindens with full permissions. Obviously I’ve been playing around with the textures and sizes some to get them just right for me. The red tree there (by WieBenIk Beaumont) is the same as the full-sized version on the ground-floor of the Games Park, just mini.

Oh, and the table with auto-rezzing chairs everything is sitting on is from the indispensable MystiTool HUD (by Mystical Cookie) that no avatar should ever be without.

Got cool stuff you want to show off? Let me know about it!


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