Water Balloon Fight!

September 16, 2007

Water FightLaboriously called the “Second Life Shockwaves Water Balloon Fight”, this is the latest Electric Sheep gig where participants chase each other around SL hitting each other with water balloons. Scores are kept at a central location and there’s a L$1 Million prize up for grabs to the top scorer. Apparently they just finished the first round and are doing two more. That’s two more prizes out there for a MEELION L$.

This is a promotion for something called “Shockwaves”, a brand owned by “Wella”, neither of which I know anything about. On the main Shockwaves page they say to select your country, and mine isn’t there. Ah well. *shrug*


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(via Kzero)



  1. It is nice when you woke up, crawl to the computer after a heavy night and two posts put water balloons in your mind. enjoy:

  2. Yeah, this is a haircare product in the UK aimed at the late teens, early 20s and the latest TV ad shows sickening good looking models with stupid hair throwing water balloons at each other. The blonde lass has a nice bum. I hope this background has helped 🙂

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