Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

September 14, 2007

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian


I was lucky enough, through the help of Vint Falken, to get a ticket to see the Liverpool Philharmonic play in Second Life, today. The concert hall was on two sims, and it was clear the organisers had gone to great pains to try to keep the lag as low as possible. A video stream of the orchestra had been set up, and for people having video trouble (or preferring not to see it), streaming music, too. For me everything ran very well, and it looked as though more people could’ve been allowed access. however I did see some people floundering about and their assessment of the lag might’ve been different.
Some people had difficulty getting the video stream going as (I reckon) they had never bothered with video in SL and didn’t have Quicktime installed.

The concert was really* wonderful, included a world premiere of work by contemporary composer John McCabe, and featured soprano Kate Royal.


Two little suggestions:
The cubes in the aisle giving programs should’ve been phantom – I saw many people run into them.
The programs should’ve been HUDs – I attached mine to a HUD point but there was an anim in the book itself so when I wore it I looked odd.
The book itself was nice but I’d liked to’ve had a very clear texture program of basic information as well, that I could’ve looked at with no issues.


There was one person in the audience who stripped down to her underwear, went into Appearance, and stood in front of the stage. I thought it might be a griefer winding up, but was astounded when it turned out it was someone who works for the Liverpool Phil. I think she must just be ill-acquainted with Second Life.


I hope they do more of these concerts. This was quite a success, especially for a first try, and I am sure that they learned a great deal.


*really really really



  1. oooo – I’m only too sorry to have missed this! I’ll look out for future concerts too after all, I have to support my fellow Northners 🙂

  2. Was there and even in world instruments like the hyperflute were not considered the expirience was nice. Somebody in the aduience suggested the Phil should have open rehearsals on SL . Great Idea and a great way to use SL. Most of the people of the press were “Neweys” and as far i know one of them was the accidental stricker on the concert. Well hope more of this expiriences compromise good content developers to understand and use the platform.

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