Grid Safari Gallery – Stagecoach Island

September 5, 2007

Stagecoach Island splashscreen

This is just a quick pictorial of the most recent Grid Safari trip. We went to Stagecoach Island and it was pretty fun!

Grid Safari arrives First we all showed up and stood around trying to work out the controls. Luckily they’re pretty easy and all focus around the numeric keypad and F keys.

Oooh video! A local resident took us on a tour, somehow easily sending TPs to everyone from a variety of locations. This little dome was on top of a mountain that you could basejump from. They had a video playing of somebody’s parachute on fire. It steamed really well.

Flying thingie Here I am in one of those… flying thingies. You know… those… hang-gliders with seats and propellers… what are those called again? Anyway it was fun.

Snowboarding Another mountain, another bit of fun. Snowboarding! Yay!

Nessie Underwater to visit a really sweet Loch Ness Monster. Nice detail, smoothly animated, and you really felt like you were underwater.

Volcano They showed us a volcano. I fell in.

Kitchen Lots of houses there, but this feature I thought was pretty significant. A kitchen. Tell me class: what does the fact that the resident put a kitchen (and bathroom) in his house indicate about prim limits?

Full writeup on the way tomorrow at Metaversed.com.



  1. Ahhhh! I have been toying with this idea for my Backpacking Burros group, but don’t have the techy smarts to make it work (I’d need to make a hud system that conected a group together across a whole sim and allows private chat and group/indivdual tp-to-leader for when folks get lost).

    Still, looks like you had a great time. I’m not sure you ‘fell’ in the volcano rather than just gave in to that urge we all have at the edge of a clif 🙂

    As for prim limits, well if I had a huge one I’d show it off too (oh-er missus!) 🙂 As it is, I have to be careful about what I put into my wee jungle in terms of prims and lag. The recent expansion has helped though… just need to keep enough for the ruined temple… opps! Giving plot secrets away!

    Yours in Travel. And Lava!
    HeadBurro Antfarm

  2. Hey there, I’m glad you had a fun experience! Nessie is one of our island favorites, not everyone finds her underwater. We really appreciate you guys taking the time to peruse our island and would love to hear any feedback you have. If you want more information on Stagecoach Island, check out our community site: http://www.stagecoachisland.com

    P.S. No worries about the volcano, it shoots you right back out like a trampoline. To find the secret spot though, you need to get past the core and go under the volcano…

  3. […] Grid Safari Gallery – Stagecoach Island […]

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