Zombie Spawning Pool

August 12, 2007

by Onder Skall

I came across this thing installed at the Missing Mile (SLurl) after hearing about it from Sarah Nerd. Truth be told, I’ve been kind of warming up to the idea of buying my own Zombie Spawning Pool for awhile, but never had the opportunity to test one out.

Zombie Spawning Pool

The concept is simple: stand on the green circle, and zombies will spawn all around you. Pull out a weapon, any weapon, and shoot ’em. When their health reaches zero, they explode and leave guts everywhere. What could be more wholesome?

Zombie Spawning Pool

I started off using one of the kickass freebie guns they hand out at Missing Mile. By the way, for the record, any sim that hands out free guns is OK in my books!

It’s not a bad gun but in mouselook these zombies kept getting the drop on me. Time to switch to a Samurai Island sword!

Zombie Spawning Pool

Zombie Spawning Pool

What was funny about using the sword was that it was kind of useless, but way more fun. I’m not sure what it is about hacking at rotting flesh instead of shooting it that makes it so satisfying, but it really is soothing. Like taking a nap in a field full of daisies. It helps when you crank the tunes… I think I was listening to some Fear Factory.

Anyhow, expect to get chewed on a few times by egg-headed zombies if your gun doesn’t completely rock, but also expect not to care. This is, inexplicably, a really fun toy. Definitely check it out.

Oh, and a special thanks to MenuBar Memorial for coming by and taking the pictures! You rule!



  1. Wowee, that looks neat!

  2. These really are great fun! Can be a wee bit laggy, but still 🙂

    Did you ever read what Warren Ellis did with one to his Army of Filth? Very funny! http://secondlife.reuters.com/stories/2007/06/01/second-life-sketches-the-lay-of-the-land/

  3. great fun in zombies & swords.. hols the swords against army.

  4. Hi! Its great to see you are enjoying my zombie pool 😉 I’m currently working on an updated version with some major improvements.

  5. Haha, cant wait to get to MG next year. However, as i am still in Teen-Grid, i might as well do something similar. I was sitting in my first period math class thinking about what my next big project was gonna be (im getting to be one of those great builders that Teen Grid seems to have lol) and thats when it hit me: once i can find someone thats willing to help me with this, im gonna hopefully build a small-medium sized town section somewhere and with the help of a few of my skilled scripting/building buddy’s, we’re hopefully gonna create a small town based off of Resident Evil where there will be a set number of zombies that spawn every hour (that way, even if someone kills all of them, there will be more to come) and we’ll have a credit and gun system as well installed so that you can buy a new zombie fighting weapon while in the area. it gonna rule!

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