SL Toon Studio

August 8, 2007

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian


Patch Lamington has been around for close to 2 years, now, and almost all of that time he has been making doodle-things.

He started with a slurl-12x16.gifdoodle house, then became a doodle avatar. You probably know his doodle pads, and anyone who has seen The Show Must Go On! has seen the master of ceremonies – a doodle bot from Patch. Patch is escalating his doodle-ness to take in new realms, now, and if doodles take over the world, why, I’m sure humanity will be a lot happier than they are now.

So, what is this new degree of doodle-osity? It’s a tool called SL Toon Studio and it enables you to create comics quickly and easily. Rez the Toon Studio, select the backdrop of your choice (five are included) or use your own texture. Pick characters from the ones given or jump into the scene yourself. Use the speech bubbles, cunningly contrived so that you can type text on a separate channel for each character and the speech bubble changes on the fly. That part is very cool, I think. And this – you can add captions. The adding-speech-and-captions is VERY easy and lightning fast – fast enough to make a good mud-slinging match machinima. Make up something. Make a one-panel cartoon. Snapshot it and send it to your pal. Make a cartoon machinima. Make a cartoon book.

Asked how he thought the Toon Studio would be used Patch said, “…mostly I guess as a kind of photo booth where you can set up jokes, and send funny postcards to your friends, potentially as a web comic generator… you can do one panel funnies, or stitch snapshots together to make your own stories. Become the next Scott Adams :-)”

An example of a single-panel cartoon is HERE . He also worked with AngryBeth Shortbread to make a Toon machinima that uses almost no editing. The editing that was used isn’t necessary, either – so you can set up, film, do no editing at all if you are edit-shy, or add opening titles and end credits with something easy like Windows Movie Maker.

The SL Toon Studio will be available to try and buy in Amicitia, at slurl-12x16.gifPatch’s place.

There’s also one slurl-12x16.gifon the roof of the Photography Studio because I’m having a comic photo contest – any SL-generated comics are eligible, but Patch has provided three special prizes for SL Toon Studio comics – unedited single panel, comic strip of 3 or more (can be edited together but no other editing), and funniest joke set in the library. Stop in and try it out – the ? button gives a notecard of directions.



  1. Nice find Osprey! This is great! I have to have one!

  2. […] really pleased to announce that Osprey Therian has reviewed it here, and has also made comics the theme of this months sl photography contest. so a big yay for […]

  3. for anyone wondering about the postbox ‘help’ pic you linked to… that was made with a HUD i did that was a major inspiration for the toon studio. snapped about a year and half ago.

    and only now have i finished the toon studio.
    that’s how slow i am at making stuff :-0

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