An Apology & A Mission

August 1, 2007

by Onder Skall

Delays! Aaaarrrgg!

It has been an uphill battle this past week to keep on top of things. Between Metaversed, CalebBooker.com, the Herald and a special feature on RPGs I’m putting together for NWN, there’s a lot of writing to be done. PLUS there’s podcasting.

In addition (yeah, there’s more) I have a secret project coming out soon. HOPEFULLY I’ll be able to reveal that to you all in the very near future, but it has to remain cloaked for a bit. ALSO, I’m working with an indie game developer right now on something special and different, but again, that’s still all hush-hush.

Did I mention I also have a full-time job (because none of the above is paying the bills), and a wife and daughter to whom I devote all of my spare time? Don’t ask me how I got that last Harry Potter book read… where the time came from for that, I have no idea.

So then, after all that, there’s Second Life Games, which I still love. I’ve been neglecting you, and it really is my fault. I’ve had big plans to ramp up the action around here and somehow they always get trampled on by other things. I’m so sorry.

Listen, I’m going to need your help to keep this going. Yeah, you, the guy/gal/cyborg reading this. NO, not donations. I need you to find me any one of three things:

  1. Stories.
  2. A Prize.
  3. Somebody.

Let’s start with #1:

Now, I don’t need tips, although those are appreciated too. What I need is a picture, a SLurl, and a couple of paragraphs. The paragraphs cover three questions: what is it? What does it do? Is it any good?

If you send me that, I’ll give you a great big hug, and publish the content here under your name. You’ll also get a PRIZE.

And now for #2:

I’m looking for a prize. It can be an avatar, a building, a game, a sculpture, or clothes – but whatever it is I need to be able to give it out to every single person who contributes. I will pay whoever can create something incredible for Second Life Games, no worries there, but there can only be one. Email me about the incredibly cool thing you have in mind and we’ll get this thing done. Free advertising too. 🙂

#1 or #2 no good? Try #3:

I need you to find me somebody. That somebody should be interested in #1 or #2. Think now… which of your friends might fit? Yeah, them! Go bug them! Go on! Be really annoying about it!


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