Anti-U.S.A. Shooter

July 18, 2007

by Onder Skall

Below is a clip from The Special Operation (Rescue Nuke Scientist), a video game released in Iran by a bunch of students. It’s a first-person shooter where you have to save a captured scientist from those evil Americans who have an obsession with global military dominance. I guess.

As you can imagine people are pretty upset about it. Patriotism is Religion 2.0 these days. If you can put that on hold for a moment, though, this game suddenly becomes inconsequential considering the number of games out there involving killing people in other countries (including Iran). Turnabout is fair play.

Yeah I know I’m supporting “evil” or something blah blah blah here come the religious fanatics… guys. It’s a game. Pixels. Students made it. Nobody dies when people play it. If it’s used for “training” the soldiers will all figure they have “damage meters” in real life and just need to touch “health packs” to heal. It’s ok, really. I mean, far be it from me to prevent you from getting your hate on but…

(via GamePolitics)



  1. Given the player seems to not need to take cover, use suppressing fire, sneak around, or otherwise do anything except stand there and hose down the enemy while likely taking 37 rounds to the chest, I highly welcome the idea of terrorists using this game as a training tool and believe it would be of great benefit to the world at large. 😀

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