Tiny SUMO Tournament

July 13, 2007

This post is an official event announcement from Zayn Till.

Tiny Sumo event July 15th

Raglan Shire is a tiny friendly sim featuring a tree city and other areas of interest where many tinies and avatars of kind disposition shapes and sizes gather to relax and enjoy themselves.

This sunday at 1pm SLT Raglan shire is hosting the 2nd annual Tiny Sumo tournament!

Many tinies will enter but only one tiny will emerge victorious to taste Tiny sumo glory as the grand Champion of Raglan Shire!

Tinies may be small, but they’re large of heart as well and very competitive by nature. You’re all invited to see Tinys competing in one of the oldest and most honorable of sports, Tiny Sumo Wrestling at the Raglan Shire Sumo Arena (SLurl)!

Tiny Sumo 2 – The Quest for Tiny Sumo Glory!

*** Theres also an Artwalk going on all weekend on Raglan Shire featuring real life paintings, photographs and inworld sculptures from 20 artists on display for people to enjoy ***


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