Combat Cards 1st Birthday Movie Premiere

July 13, 2007

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian
Doc Boffin and I have decided to hold the Combat Cards movie premiere on Sunday as it’s Combat Cards 1st Birthday! Come over for a look, trade a few cards, and have a couple of games. Watch the movie carefully just in case you spot someone you know in a fight scene!

Sunday, 15 July at 2 pm
Spangle Aerial Arenas

We’ll premiere the movie once everyone has arrived, then explain the rules for the tournaments to run until Hallowe’en using the newish leagues system (and spiffy new scoring). The big prize is in the constructed decks league, so if you haven’t built one yet give it a try. It takes some thought to balance them, and looking at the cards webpage or the mini cards webtab in my profile can be helpful.

Word has it Doc may be moved to give out cards to everyone who turns up. After that we’ll have some slashy fun. Bring your coolest weaponry and wear your meanest-looking av!

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