Tiny Empires

July 12, 2007

Tiny Empiresby Onder Skall

I was sent this by Ultralite Design and haven’t been able to take it off my HUD since. It’s genius.

The basic premise of Tiny Empires is that you’re climbing the social hierarchy. To do that you need to buy land, get subjects, and grow your empire. The subjects are other, newbie players… which means that at the beginning YOU will be somebody’s subject.

That takes a bit because another player of a particular rank has to be logged on and playing in order to see that there are new subjects available. I had to wait about five minutes… and it didn’t really benefit me directly.

Indirectly the benefit is huge, though. My liege earns money on every acre of land I own, and I get occasional offers to leave him and become somebody else’s subject. That means that my liege is SUPER helpful, sending me friendly IMs and offering advice. Good guy. I’ll keep him around. For now. 🙂

You’ll get offers from “the king” to buy land occasionally, which is great because land means money. You’ll also get offers from other players to buy your land. If they’re offering you above fair market value, it might be worth it so you can buy more later at the regular price. More often than not though they’re offering you much less, so make SURE to turn them down!

It’s time-based gameplay so what you’ll end up doing is hitting the little minimize button on it and quickly opening it whenever the indicator flashes to see what the latest offers are. I’ve enjoyed having it there while waiting for IMs to come in.

You can pick up a free trial at Ultralite Design and get the full version when you’re ready. When you get the full version you can even hand out trial versions to your friends!



  1. This is a clever system, which I enjoyed. I’m hoping the creator can take the experience of developing this and come out with something with a bit more ‘game’ to it, as TE does end up feeling a touch like a pyramid scheme at times, hehe 🙂

  2. Yeah, it does have that feeling of a pyramid…at the same time you just keep thinking “When do I get to do something cool?” and by that I mean getting more subjects and such. I’m hopelessly addicted. My ex-gf in SL got me into it, and within 24 hours I had left her for a better paying leige! LOL!! Yeah, she hates me.

  3. It sucks. I just paid homage and taxes a couple rounds ago. Now that comes up again. Not well thought out. There is no point to this game. I’m tired of waiting for the broadcast. It’s getting real old, real fast.

  4. Just left one leige as she was not acitive and had a rude comment fom someone who I asked to leave his leige and join me via e-mail first as I ws told to d in the Forever Empires group. Sheesh, I ws going to offer 2,000 but when he got the message via courier it was only 200 and thuth I was trying to rip him off and I wasn’t. Apparently some of the offer goes to the kid so he can buy soft bum wipe or somethng.
    But I have the full version and enjoy pleaying it – thank you to ewhoever created this game HUD.

  5. The Emperor takes a huge cut when gold is exchanged between players. That’s strictly for his ego.

  6. Been playing this for a while now still great despite the server issues of late.Biggest downside to this game are the playes that take it way too seriously it is after all just a game within a game.

  7. I like this game a lot and play it for hours daily, it gives me something to do in between waiting for IM’s, waiting for friends to come online etc.

  8. and, yes I am looking for more subjects, so if you currently have no liege, feel free to IM me inworld, I am online daily. I’m happy to give land to my new subjects *bribes you* and I can offer advice and tips on general TE gameplay, heh 🙂

  9. A screen with a list of each player’s holdings, such as peasants, horses, farm equipement etc. would add alot to this game

  10. this game is awesome, but I think there should be an update soon.

  11. being able to find myself in the rankings would be very helpful… but the lookup doesn’t seem to be working

  12. You can see the standings by looking up names just scroll down a bit 🙂 Also i love this game, i don’t take it seriously, as its just a game within the wonderful world that Second Life can provide you with. I love my people, and most of my people are friends, or will become friends. I thank the emperor for making the game.

  13. so a pyramid scheme .. nice .. (not …)

  14. This is a pyramid scheme design to make its creator lots and lots of Lindens by encouraging you, the player, to get your friends to by the HUD so you can have more subject. Oh, its brilliant all right, many of you have sold lots of copies of this HUD to friends without any compensation from the developer (other than a fake title and non-existent land).

    This game is threatening to destroy my sim. There are too many people playing it now, and they are all looking to recruit those of us that DO NOT want to play. Many of us will likely leave SL because of this game.

    I ask only this, play this if you think it is fun, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do not pressure anyone into playing. PLEASE! As the game expands there will be more and more of you needing subjects and those of us that do not want to play will have no recourse but to simply leave SL.

  15. Oh Get REAL…SL is a game and TE is a game Who would want you for a subject anyway snarly… Noone would pressure you into anything. And there are plenty of ppl on SL that would be happy to play..and if not heck make an alt your subject and play both …I do.

  16. Its such a pain when a friend is busy playing this while in the middle of a conversation in IM in Sl .. So rude too to keep people sitting there until nothings happening in TE and they feel like replying.

    I look now , and if i see any reference to TE in somones profile I will not ‘Friend’ them or accept a friendship offer from them. Little by little all TE players have been removed from my list .as despite repeated polite requests to answer in a timely manner they persist in this thoughtless way.

    Please remember to inform friends that your busy or playing something else and consider the time and feelings of others .

    Sl is a largely social interaction site .. ignoring people isnt sociable .its rude , I wouldnt accept it in rl , i dont accept it in Sl.

  17. Hmmm, this is snarly. Gee I wish you were right. But I have been presured many, many, many times. And I am tired of it.

  18. It’s awfully strange that someone wouldn’t be friends with people who are busy when chatting. Seems to me, online, people might be chatting with three, four people, and they sometimes miss someone. I’m sure you think you’re so important everyone should drop everything for you, but in reality, if you’re an online friend, you might be one of dozens if not hundreds. Over the course of time, I’ve had friends into slingo, slots when there were more around on SL, tringo, and various roleplaying games. Sometimes, they got busy. It wasn’t rude. It was them enjoying themselves, presumably the reason they log onto SL in the first place. Grow some perspective.

  19. Ummm Pee’d Off…I hate to break it to you, but Tiny Empires is a game that has a single turn every four minutes, that takes, usually only a few seconds to play, and that’s ALL YOU CAN DO. I chat with people all the time while playing, without missing a beat. Is it possible maybe your “friends” just don’t find you interesting enough to chat with, or maybe they’re busy cybering, or something in real life has come up. I think it’s entirely possible, you’re blaming a game for your inability to interest people in a coversation. Certainly, I wouldn’t spend a whole lot of time chatting with the author of your ludicrous post.

  20. […] your land etc.  It’s slighlty addictive…really, I should just send you to Onder Skall’s review of the game for a much more in-depth […]

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