Fists Of Discomfort

July 11, 2007

Fists Of Discomfort 1by Onder Skall

Seven Shikami sent me a copy of his latest game for review: Fist Of Discomfort. I have it set up at the Games Park for testing. (Clicka da link) It rocks, as usual.

The standard Shikami arcade functions are here. You can turn on/off the “attract” noise, change the cost (mine is set at L$1), flip “hardcore mode” on to make it super-tough, and use the optional ticket system plugin to offer visitors a prize. It’s a nice well-rounded package making active use of the OpenArcade system. (Find out more about that here.)

Gameplay is pretty straightforward: click all the ninjas before the time runs out! Click! Go! Now! Click ’em!

Got it? Good. Now here’s where things get a little tricky: as each wave of ninjas comes you want to click them in the shortest path from left to right possible in order to score higher. This is something to keep in mind especially when you’re playing multi-player. You can click fewer ninjas and get even higher scores if they are bunched together. Here, let me give you some screenies to illustrate:

Fists Of Discomfort 2 Fists Of Discomfort 3

You have to love the C64 style here!

If you’re interested in your own copy or the OpenArcade system, swing by the Insert Coin Arcade.

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