Tir a Slan

June 29, 2007

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian

Tir a Slan is a pleasant community of medieval-style role players who inhabit a small land in Green Goblin sim divided into many role-play friendly areas including a cave, a gypsy camp, and a town with ships at anchor. Buildings are carefully marked as private or for role play – which is undoubtedly a help for those who rent houses. The core group, which numbers about 120, is augmented by role players running their factions as separate groups. It’s only been running full tilt for about 6 weeks, but weekly events such as duels on a stone bridge (under which lurks a dragon) as well as the day-to-day polishing of the storyline keep inhabitants satisfied. I spent time here on my own, but also attended the weekly tournament. The Tir a Slan role players were gentle and courteous with each other (even when dueling) during my visit, however I have learned of age-old conflicts that must shake their good manners. I was told that players in RP wear the RP hud to indicate they are ‘in game’ and those that are just observing or shopping do not.


Jadenne Ariantho started the community. “I spent the last 15 years rp’ing in bbs, chat, mush/mux and wanted to continue roleplay in this new venue.” She describes it as “medieval fantasy in that you can be any kind of avatar that isn’t steam/mech/tech/bio,” and continued, “There is the ‘usual’ conflict of good and evil and there are the racial and political conflicts the faction leaders have set up between groups. Demons and vampires are conflicted – elven courts are internally conflicted and also politically contentious towards other groups – dwarves are quietly subversive to the taxes and community demands the realm has set in place – and so on. I prefer intelligent evil and machiavellian politics, mixed with combat and magic and the drama of love and hate, living and dying.”

Indeed I saw merfolk, furries, a Dwarven warrior, and assorted other races at this single event.


A dragon eyes a dwarf, assessing his toothsomeness.

When I asked what she hoped for she replied, “People to be able to tell their stories in the framework provided. This is not about -my- personal story, but about being able to throw plot twists and events out to those who want to tell -their- stories. The setting is a rich environment designed for a multitude of RP experiences, with the opportunity to rent a home and become immersed in the play by living as well as playing here. Shops sell items that can be used in the RP and players have the option of joining one of 15 factions to become immersed immediately in the story line, or simply weaving their tale in to the overall story arc.”


Thursdays at 6SL time we have a bridge battle with elimination rounds and select first and second place winners from that – then go to the archery range and do the same. First prize is 1000L and second is 500L. There is rp throughout the whole event and afterwards, the tavern is the location for a DJ to spin modern music and the participants to dance and socialize.”

I asked, “Are you open to new members?”

“Of course! The Tir a Slan Roleplayer group is open and free to join. Notices and information are posted in the group, as well as in the market square.”

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