Gambling Loophole

June 15, 2007

by Onder Skall

Congressman Robert Wexler has introduced HR 2610, the Skill Game Protection Act, to exempt games “where success is predominantly determined by the skill of the players involved” from being considered gambling. From the word of the bill, this would include games like Poker or Bridge. What’s not clear is where the line is drawn. One could make the argument that Blackjack is a skill game since there are optimal strategies for winning it.

We’re catching this in the early days here, but this might be what the casinos of Second Life have been waiting for.



  1. Games where the player has choices to make combined with a degree of randomness, or where all players win something invested should be exempt.

    This should make games like Slingo, Zyngo, Shrooms, Black Jack, Poker, Sploders OK.

    Also put some type of regulation in that Owners of machines or devices caught gambling on their own machines or setting unrealistic High Scores could have there machines confiscated.

    Just come up with some rules and regulations in TOS to cover certain forms of wagering.

    I am fine with total chance games like Roulette or Slots etc being banned, but leave us with some time of games where money can be won.


  2. Agreed. Poker relies mainly on skill with some luck involved. But winning any game requires some degree of luck. You may lose at chess because you’re having a bad day or you didn’t get that flash of insight to know the correct move. If you’re going to ban casino games, you might as well ban all games.

  3. This doesn’t make gambling allowed in SL. You can and will be banned.

  4. A very thin line separates games of skill vs. games of chance, and clearly defining which is which would be an endless debate.
    Chess is clearly a game of skill. I play chess, but if
    a player of “international master” caliber plays against me, my chance of winning the lotto would be better than winning against him.
    Poker, on the other hand, relies more on luck than skill and this has been demonstrated in the main event of the WSOP, where the final table have new faces everytime, since 2003, when TV catapulted Texas Hold’em to new heights. In fact, no champion has ever
    been back at the final table (since ’03).
    In games of skill, champions dominate the field, i.e.,
    tennis (Federer) golf (Woods)…etc.
    by: deo

  5. Gambling is something that governments should let their people enjoy, instead of restricting them and holding a monopoly over such an activity.

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