June 3, 2007

profilepic.jpgBy Osprey Therian


The Show Must Go On, a variety show with many performers, and which is over half an hour long, opens on Info Island at the SLL Pantheon Performance Hall on Saturday, 9 June @ 4 pm.  Partial funding was provided by the Foundation For Rich Content.

Previously a glimpse of the show, without audio introductions, was performed at the Ask Patty grand opening on Ride. The Saturday opening, however, is the full show with up-to-the-minute audio enhancement. This show has been almost a year in the making, proving that development in SL can be glacially slow, yet it pays to stick with it.

After Voice hits Agni – well, the audio will change again.


One comment

  1. Well, I managed to catch the first couple of acts last nite, before RL intruded. What I saw was great! I can’t wait to see the whole show. I don’t know if this is the first of it’s kind in SL or not, but it is the most original form of entertainment I have seen yet. Bravo! Keep up the good work!

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