Perplex City Season Two Delayed

June 1, 2007

Perplex City

by Onder Skall

Perplex City, one of the most elaborate and long-running commercial Alternate Reality Games (ARG) out there, is delaying it’s second season.

Because of this, what we’ve always tried to do is ensure that we never deliver projects to you before they’re ready and before we’re entirely happy with them. We’d feel we were short-changing you, and, to be honest, compromising ourselves. At Mind Candy we’ve always believed that a less than perfect game is worse than no game at all. For this reason, we’re holding off from launching Season Two for now.

It’s a bit of a shame they had to put off the next round of this incredible game, but for those of you not familiar, this may be a blessing in disguise as you take the time to learn what you can about Season One (click here for “Season One Retrospective”) and how you can jump right in for the next round.

Also, kudos to Mind Candy for putting things off until they’re ready. The world’s most successful game creators do just that, and it’s what got them to where they are today. If anything, delays among game creators can often point to a truly high quality product in the works. Passionate artists work at it until it’s done, and don’t just look at the clock, shrug, and say “good enough”.

For more on Perplex City, see the following community links:


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