Neuro-Night San Antonio

May 31, 2007

So I found… I … [edit] saw this:

The official description from Google Video:

Operative J enjoys a night on the town. Sung to the tune of “Wolf Like Me” by TV ON THE RADIO

Those of you with the ability to offer analysis need no further encouragement to do so. I am looking forward to your comments.


  1. After reviewing the tape once I noticed the myspace page… following it lead me to J’s myspace page. There were enough clues to confirm it was his page. His name is Joel Benavidez, because once you are on the page you can see he wants other Neurocam operatives to contact him and uses that name as his email yahoo account joel_benavidez@yahoo.com

  2. Yea I did the same but you cant see his friends or comments. The only thing on his myspace now are a few videos and a blog post about turtles having sex. I tried to email

  3. Nevermind. The email bounced too.

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