Second Lifers Give Renault F1 Thumbs Up

May 29, 2007

[This article was originally published in Metaversed.com by 57 Miles, who I hope doesn’t kill me for copy/pasting it here but it’s right up our alley. BTW, that Things To Do group is really active and really great, I definitely fully endorse it!]

Despite vehicle related experiences in the virtual world of Second Life leaving much to be desired, at best, Renault F1 went ahead and launched a Go-Kart track last week. The Things To Do group, which is free to join for anyone looking to have fun exploring Second Life with friends, donned crash helmets and leathers yesterday evening for an hour of race track mayhem.

Despite the odd, jerky movement of the karts, odd behavior of crashed vehicles and general clumsiness of the simulated go-karting experience, members of the Things To Do group that attended loved the whole experience. I think this goes someway to proving what Second Lifers instinctually know: It’s all about people. It was fun because of the company, and the shared experience of trying to control the karts and race against each other. Certainly bloggers Gillian and Veejay seemed to enjoy themselves as much as I. “57’s virtual driving license has been revoked for trashing and drunk driving” said Veejay, who was admittedly quite a bit better at it than I 🙂


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  1. Hey, ive had this open in a tab ALL DAY! I dont’t mind at all 🙂

    Sorry for the late reply. It’s bang on target for this blog as yousay…

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