Free MMO: Dungeon Runners

May 29, 2007

by Onder Skall

This post officially marks the fact that I’m sick of holding back on cool gaming stories. If it’s a good story about online gaming, it goes up at Second Life Games. It’s official. I’m putting my foot down. My house, my rules. You don’t like it, there’s the door. You know, when I was your age … what was I writing about again? OH YEAH! FREE MMO!

Dungeon Runners

NCSoft, makers of Lineage, City Of Heroes, and Guild Wars, have released Dungeon Runners. Free download, free to play, still not sure how they’re making any money although I’d bet it’s a micro-transaction deal like Habbo. I’m going to play it this weekend, I’ll take a few screencaps, and I’ll give you some first impressions.

One comment

  1. The short of it is that it’s free, but in order to stack potions (so you can carry more than one health drink at a time) and have expanded inventory space, you need to pony up US$5 a month. Which is still a reasonable price, if the game’s fun. We need more low-cost casual-friendly MMO’s out there that don’t require a math degree and 40 hours a week to get some fun out of.

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