Old Crank Gives Us “Insight” On Virtual Worlds

May 27, 2007

by Onder Skall

Oh mercy! Lawd lawd! You’ve just got to check this one out, it’s precious! MyrtleBeachOnline published this article called “Keeping ‘virutal’ world at bay“. Right away you know you’re in for it… we stopped putting ‘virtual’ in quotes years ago.

He starts off with this wonderful line: “I didn’t watch all of them (I’m not that much of a geek), but the “Matrix” movies…” Wait wait WHAT? You have to be “that much of a geek” to watch three movies?

It gets better.

Seems while those of us with lives weren’t paying attention, up to 6 million of our friends and neighbors have (voluntarily!) signed up for “Second Life,”

Dude, just think for a second. If 6 million people are doing something, and you don’t approve, which one of you probably doesn’t understand the situation? You or the 6 million?

They don’t have to think about a mortgage or bills or neighbors. They had a similar technology years before computers came along, but they called it “beer.” I should know. I was what they call in the industry an “early adopter” and have now reached coveted “expert status.”

So kids, remember this for future reference: beer is better than computers! Stop clicking and start drinking!

Apparently this guy thinks that the music in the background of The Sims is “creepy”. He must crank the volume up to 11 whenever “You Are My Sunshine” comes on the radio. Check it out for a good laugh!



  1. Oh, another one to make a blog post about how he doesn’t like and find nothing in second life. This one, though, is not capable of watching three movies and have an urge to describe his house and fishpond. Well…. why not, if he is haveing fun, it is ok with me.

  2. First off, I am a pheezer (phunky old geezer for those not up on ruckerisms) and I have indeed been alive before the pc heck even before there was an internet. I have mortgage payments , kids, a wife, cars, and a whole lot more that seems to doom me to the same sort of stale curmudgeonhood that is displayed in this article. I have happily escaped that fate.

    Wumpus, crystal caves, trek, up up and on playing them as they made them..infcoms, muds/moos/mucks, fps, rts on and on and still I am loving it and now SL.

    Ya know what, the worst I can say for SL is too many people bog it down with FL stupidities …it is almost unexplainable yet sadly common that folks will craft up a pretty young avatar to spend hours in scripted booty bumping loops and occasional chat talk ups in order to raise some scratch to do stuff in sl..ugh..the horrors of wage slavery and mental indentured servitude….the mundane in a place that could and is so much more.

    SL, like many environs that came before and those that will come after, is rich with making possibilities happen and then taking those lessons learned back into the meatspace (reiterate and on and on). Wasting it as another ego boost points tally, shopping spree mall run or wage slavery is such a waste imnsfho.

    Remember, not all old folks are crotchety old grumpy bears like the example shown in the article, some of us are happily doing what we have been doing for decades…exploring expanding and evolving on any medium we get our hands and brains on.


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