Kazenojin Airfield

May 22, 2007

Seeker Gray comes to us courtesy of Second Seeker.

Seeker Gray By Seeker Gray

Right inside the Gray Field tower we see the sign that describes the Kazenojin:

Kazenojin (”People of the Wind”) is devoted to the creation, maintenance, and the distribution of knowledge about airships and other flying machines in Second Life.

I paid a visit to the Kazenojin aeroport and, although it seemed deserted, maybe even abandoned, I enjoyed myself quite a lot, both just with examining the construction and also – yes, my dears, by flying!

The SL History Wiki doesn’t have much more to say about the Kazenojin but I’ll include it here:

The first large airship community was begun in July 2003 by Goodwill Epoch. Members pooled together and, in association with Linden’s themed sim project, purchased Gray to create the new airbase.

The initial airship port had a large base, a pin-point top, and covered nearly the entire sim space. This first port was later taken down (most likely due to finacial constraints) and a second slightly smaller model was built. The second port had a significantly different architecture.

The port still stands today as a testament to the Kazenojin airship community.

And stand tall indeed it does. The sky tower is the most impressive part; but you really must buy an aeroplane to appreciate it. (Why? Perhaps you are cleverer than I am, but I found myself unable to get off the elevator, don’t you know, without falling to the ground on some floors. Your aeroplane would help here.) Don’t worry about cost: there is an aeroship available for L$0.

The elevator is a cantankerous affair if you are standing, so please sit down; from that point on, your ride will be smooth.

And what sights await you! There are aeroplanes and aeroships of all sizes and constructions.

Sadly, I could not figure out how to operate any of them. I was most disappointed.

You simply must pay a visit to the 11th floor; you can see the aparatus that holds up the entire structure. Quite clever, those engineers. I must compliment one the next time I see one.

Once on the ground again you can use your aeroship to fly up one level. (And yes, dear reader, you are low enough to the ground here that you don’t need your aeroship to fly, but that isn’t the point, is it?) Again, you’ll see many fascinating craft that you can explore.

On the ground there are countless shops selling aeroplanes. Prices are resonable and if I ever get to go on holiday I’m sure to buy one of these clever gliders. Some folks go for chrome and swoopy bits, I’ll take mine in plain white with a streamlined fuselage designed by a hawk … and then I’ll be a hawk, searching for thermals.

So strap on your goggles and teleport over to Kazenojin Mountain. And when you are done, take your new aeroship above the clouds and fly!.

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