ARG Notes – Neurocam

May 22, 2007

by Onder Skall

Well at the risk of this becoming “video day”, I have another video for you. I was contacted today about the second video.

I never was able to get enough interest going about ARGs in SL to start a group, but I did come across more than one clandestine organization operating in SL. I have a policy, however, of not revealing people’s secrets. Let’s just say that the world is far stranger than it appears on the surface.

Meanwhile, I really do wish I could sign up as a Neurocam operative. Hooray for intrigue for its own sake!

Oh, here’s the vid:

#1 (no longer on the site)

#2 (currently up)


  1. (210)XXX-XXXX
    if you feel like taking a chance.

  2. Bridget… I’ve removed that phone# to keep you from getting inundated. I may call but my spidey sense is tingling that this isn’t what it appears to be…

  3. Onder – more games = great. I think we can create AARGs – alternate, ALTERNATE reality games in Second Life. What if everyone but participants were made to look like Zombies, and players had to avoid them or defeat them? There’s room for some neat ideas.

  4. I have also been interested in this organization, but it appears to be near dead… there seems to be no way to contact them anymore.

  5. Well we’ll see… they ARE uploading new video after all. One thing I’m noticing is how downright creeped-out the agents are… I don’t know how much fun they’re really having.

  6. It looks like the file on the main site is down now. Odd, it was just up yesterday.

  7. I’ve been looking for a lead into neurocam for quite a while. Could you mail me the Bridget Fischer no. please. I feel like taking a chance.

    To tiemekanga@fake.hotmail.com

    remove the fake. obviously.

  8. I also would like the information


    same as above take out the fake

  9. See https://slgames.wordpress.com/2007/05/31/neuro-night-san-antonio/

    I think it might be a rabbit-hole.

  10. I’ve been following this organization for a long time now, but because of my age and situation at home, I could not join for another couple years.

    I emailed them about joining few months ago… Back when they were taking applications.

    Basically they told me to wait until I was older, to get the best experience out of it. 😦
    Now I really wish I joined anyway.

    I really do hope this is just another publicity stunt.
    I want to apply so badly and I’d hate to see this organization die.

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