Film and Virtual Worlds

May 21, 2007

by Onder Skall

Above is a video about the event for 300 in Second Life. It’s quite well done, very much worth a gander.

As I write more and more for Metaversed and really suss out this Virtual World thing, I think I’m starting to confront something:

Virtual World does not equal Game does not equal Book does not equal Movie

I know, that’s obvious. At least, you’d think it was… but…

Over the last few years we’ve been really struggling with this. Movie adaptations of video games were terrible for a really long time, and typically we say “the book was better” when walking out of the theater.

Likewise, games that incorporate too much text are tedious and game adaptations of movies were, for a long time, pretty terrible too.

It’s coming around though. The Lord Of The Rings movies were spectacular. Game adaptations of movies are often fantastic. RPGs are interpreting books for the gaming public very handily as well. Comic books have helped – storyboards have become the interpreters between these various media. Slowly we’re seeing a convergence.

Virtual worlds are now finding a place in all of this, but we’re still in the infancy stage. Machinima hasn’t matured to the point where we can boast a single feature-length production having arrived at Sundance. What will it take? How far off is it? I have no answers here… but I’ll be watching.

***EDIT: I was thinking about it and… you know, Machinima still doesn’t have a voice yet. It needs somebody to do something so bold, so bizarre, so brain-melting and gut-wrenching that it defines a new genre. Here, crank your speakers and check out this mofo:

Consider yourself inspired. Now get out there and make us some art!


One comment

  1. As the guy who directed the 300 in SL machinima, I must say i am totally inspired.

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