NBA Build

May 18, 2007

Onder Malarwen Hall

by Onder Skall

I’m not generally one for corporate builds, but the latest Electric Sheep endeavor is pretty good. The NBA hired them to set up a great big stadium, and it’s surrounded by smaller courts and sports bars. It’s nice looking (in a clean, sanitized-for-your-safety kind of way) but the real fun is in the freebie HUD and ball that lets you take shots at the basket or play a pickup game of HORSE.

It’s hard to get the hang of, but spend some time in the practice mode first and you’ll get it. They’re holding an event tomorrow night where the winner of each round of HORSE gets L$300, so if you’re any good it’s probably worth checking out.

Even if you’re no good, though, this is a build for NBA fans. Lots of fanboy stuff, and real games on the video monitors. This is one of the better sports builds in SL at the moment, so I’m going to go ahead and give it my “thumbs up”.

Don’t get used to it ESC. I’ll go on record right now saying that AOL Pointe is real damn dull (well, the Quiztime Lounge was well executed… but otherwise). You rocked the NBA build, totally killed at the L Word welcome area, and Virtual Laguna Beach has reached folkloric levels of fame… but we’re always going to be asking “so what have you done for me lately?”. We are the demanding gaming public. We are never ever satisfied. Be warned!

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