Bees Get Sore Throats While Role Playing

May 17, 2007

Originally published at the Second Life Herald.

by Onder Skall, virtual beekeeper

Can this bee make Tinkerbell sound like Barry White and vice-versa?

Screaming Bee http://screamingbee.com announced their MorphVOX Pro software for online gamers. With it you can alter your voice and continue the illusion presented by your avatar. With voice coming to the main grid before the end of the month, this might be worth at least downloading the free trial. Settings include:

– Man to Woman
– Woman To Man
– The Demon
– Cyborg Warrior
– Man to Woman in Heavy Traffic

There are multiple voice presets available (with extras on the website) and optional settings for background noise. The jury is out on how effective this software is, but hopefully this will satisfy those who want to maintain the illusion that they are, in fact, a cybernetic wolf-demon of the opposite sex. [what about a tiny, gay furry gorean mech ageplayer of indeterminate sex from germany playing tringo? – Editrix]


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