Nugget Gulch Gold Mining Game

May 15, 2007


Welcome to The Nugget Gulch Gold Mining Game

The story:
Nugget Gulch is a forgotten ghost town abandoned by its residents. What only few people know is, there is still a tresure in gold hidden in the mountains. Get your tools and try your luck. You might find your super nugget today!

The game:
The game is situated in the most lovely authentic scenery known to SL. The goal of the game is to find as many objects in this desert as possible. You can find Gold, Silver, Coins, Spurs, etc. Small finds are payed instantly. Big finds will pay half the prize money instantly and give you a bonus object. There are 100 prizes to be found in the desert, with values up to 1500L$.

Get started:
Pay the Metal Detector or Pick Axe 150 L$. You will recieve a tool and a HUD. Go into your inventory, right click the tool and choose “WEAR” from the pie menu. Do the same with the HUD. If you wear an Animation Overrider, please turn it off.

To start the game/search click on the start button in the HUD, the tool will activate itself and the timer starts countdown. Start walking around the sim and keep your eye on the HUD for directions. The radar will direct you to the nearest find.

Nugget1 Nugget2 Nugget3 Nugget4 Nugget5

The HUD and the features:
Display: shows radar and pictures of found items
Timer: shows time left for searching
Start button: will start the game
Stop button: will pause the game
Quit button: will quit the game
Sell button: will take you to the cabin
Items button: displays a list of finds

When your time is up, the HUD and Metal Detector/Pick Axe are de-activated and a you will be asked to return to the cabin. If you found a big prize you can add a bonus by returning them to the cabin. Pull the found objects, (names like silver, gold,…) from your inventory on to the cash register. (these objects have identifiers on them and will be checked!) When they are genuine, you will receive an extra bonus.

High Scores:
You can find a tabel of the best players at the following page: http://www.contrechoc.com/sl/highScoreGoldGame.php

You can join the game at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Virgin%20Island/205/159/21/

Beware, during your search you may stumble on indians, bad guys, scorpions and snakes and landslides. Avoid them!

Happy searching!

Contact Amiryu Hosoi for info



  1. really great game, never seen anything like it in Second Life, nice details and great atmosphere, i like your desert very much, and even the indians…..:-)

  2. Hey just like to say GREAT GREAT GREAT its one of my favourites

  3. Hey HEy

  4. it sucks cock

  5. what do you mean

  6. go to HELL

  7. shaushisudheudhduqhpaiweuyrwuegdy a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

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