DCS2 – The Dynamic Combat System

May 10, 2007



DCS2 – The Dynamic Combat System – The combat system of YOUR dreams

DCS2 is a unique system where SIM owners can create their own combat /role play system for their game without ever touching a line of code. It has been designed from the ground up to be 100% dynamic. It utilizes a backend db and www site to configure the system and allow the players to upgrade their characters.

DCS2 main features:
• Dynamic configuration – Can completely conform to any type of game/roleplay (ie Dark, Fantasy, Gor, Star Wars, Urban ) you name it
• Dynamic races/groups/person type – You create the player categories, and decide how strong each one is (ie vampires, lycans OR master mistress slave OR jedi, bounty hunter, OR seperate by gang names)
• Multiple power types – You create the powers
• Multiple stock animations, sounds and particles – You link animations with particles and sounds to create YOUR ultimate power effects
• Administrative control panel – make any change you want anytime time you want
• It is a universal system so any weapon will work with it.
• Persistent characters.
• A full stats system
• 3 different types of systems
1. The given system – you create and assign certain powers to each race you create
2. The XP system – Your players gain XP to “spend” on the powers you created
3. The Level system – XP automatically goes towards leveling
• Large user base of over 5000 players and 18+ sims on board and growing – Great Marketing tool , Drives Traffic
• Your sim featured at the DCS Sim Resource center 􀀀

Profit Sharing:

We realize as SIM owners ourselves the expenses that go along with running a SIM. Many SIMs may go with their own combat system to help soften the impact of the costs. Unfortunately the user base of such a system is not as widespread as the DCS having over 5000+ users and in over 18 Sims; it’s a catch 22 situation. To overcome the current issue SIM owners face, we have created a profit sharing program. For every DCS product sold within a SIM the SIM owner will receive 10% of all sales in their SIM. Every combat system, every weapon; the amount is quite substantial. This does not include 3rd party developers that are DCS approved; only actual DCS products.

DCS2 has been tested to be SIM friendly and works in high lag situations. Its proven technologies which branch from DCS1 offer the best stability and flexibility that any system can offer in Second Life.

If your interested in having DCS2 in your SIM and being able to make the system of your dreams without any coding or any cost. Please contact Miss Wright to begin your sim setup.

DCS2 sims, growing daily:

Andedios Island – Futuristic Urban combat & roleplay
Aurora Town – Dark Twisted Medieval Roleplay
Crack Den – Urban Street Roleplay & Forced Fantasies
Crimson Empire – Vampire the Requiem
Dark City – Dark Urban Roleplay
Gotham City – Marvel Comics
Gotham City XXX – 1930s Roleplay & Sex Sim
Hell’s Kitchen – Dark Urban Roleplay
Leonetta – Dark Medieval Roleplay
The Labyrinth Arcology – Futuristic Dark Urban Roleplay
Mistress Sara’s Crypt of Despair – Dark Roleplay & Fetishisms
Netherworld –
RnR Island – British Army FIBUA Combat
Second Earth Pheonix Pass – Medieval Fantasy Roleplay
Toxian City – Dark Urban Roleplay
Vampyr Haven – Dark Roleplay & Nightlife
Welles City – Dark Roleplay & Sex sim
World Brei’Vaukia – Dark Medieval Fantasy Role play

DCS – The Dynamic Combat System


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