Second Life Gets A New Sun

May 3, 2007

by Onder Skall

So I’m in the Game Park testing out some swords when I happen to look up in the sky and… what the hell is that?

The Sun 01

Oh, right, the sun. They changed it from that gawdawful yellow dot to this gawdawful blotch. Hmm. You know, a quote from today’s Town Hall on why the grid is so crashtastic might be appropriate at this point:

[12:08] Cory Linden shouts: as I pointed out in the blog post, most of our development resources are focused on existing bugs and scaling, so firefox has been a bit starved for resources

You can’t spare the manpower to get Firefox working in the viewer, a feature we’ve been asking for for YEARS, but you can do this to the sky. You put people to work on an in-world VOIP service, you get cracking on sculpted prims, you start ripping function after function out of SL that we use (user ratings, land traffic, live help, etc…), and then you have the balls to tell us that most of your development resources are focused on existing bugs and scaling?

You, sir, are a goddamn liar.

Most people don’t know this, but Philip Rosedale made an appearance in-world recently (isn’t that hilarious… the guy who runs the world made an appearance in it). Basically, he said he could give a crap about Second Life’s problems. He just wants to cram as many people in as possible and to hell with them if they’re happy or not. Here’s a quote from the article on Metaversed:

Though he acknowledged that rapid progress, expansion and changes to the system often caused problems for the developers of Second Life, Rosedale made no apology for the companies “mission to get this thing as big as we can, as fast as we can” saying that every active member of Second Life, brought the platform closer to where it needed to be in order to grow in the long term.

Maybe this sun looks better above the clouds.

The Sun 03

No, it still looks ridiculous.

*sigh* Working on the next iteration of “Alternatives To Second Life” now…


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